Updated: November 29, 2021

Website Disclaimer

Taking and using cognizance of the website implies acquiescent to the disclaimer content on https://foreignway.com/. Our objective is to offer you data about and approach to accommodation providers and operators around the globe, that all of them in their way contribute to the conservation of the atmosphere, local culture preservation, and the local community‚Äôs economies. We are the most prominent travel platform that assists voyagers link with travel agents and tour agents. Different products and services listed on the website are sold or offered directly to any travel agent. All our travel agents and accommodation providers are very easy to access.

Applicability of fundamental Voyage terms and additional travel conditions and information

All our fundamental travel terms and additional conditions will apply to all services offered by Foriegnway on their website. For all the clients, it is essential to download all these terms and conditions. If you use our services, then it means you agree with all our travel conditions and terms.


Our team does not effort to sell their accommodations and holidays directly to you for all these travel agents. We trust that only experts can excellently do this job since they have operated and designed the holidays as professionals. Therefore, we refer you directly to the best teams in the industry.

Offers security

Foriegnway strives for excellence to give external links solely for all-out readers and visitors‚Äô convenience and information. When they choose a link to an external website, they leave the https://foreignway.com/ and are subject to the security and privacy policy of the sponsors and owners of the external website.

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Computer Abuse and Fraud Act

The unauthorized effort to change or upload data on the web pages is not allowed. In case of any malware, the website will take action as per the government act.

Disclaimer of liability

Every effort is made to offer complete and accurate information. However, with the millions of documents available, often uploaded within short deadlines, there is no guarantee from our side that everything will be error-free. Concerning the information and documents on the archive and current web pages, neither Government nor the state, not their workers and contractors, take the responsibility, including warranties.

Information on the site

Our website relies on the data about our providers as supplied by them to utilize on the website, including all imagery, content, words, and others provided by the accommodation and operators’ providers we give on our web pages.

What do we do with your information?

If you provide your information on the website to log in r join our services in the form of your name, email ID, personal data, and others, we keep it confidential and never use it or share it with others.