Saudi Government imposes ban on Umrah visa in the continuing week, which is a precautionary step towards the safety of the people living in Saudi Arabia. According to received Umrah visa latest news amid coronavirus scares, the name of Pakistan also comes, where two cases were found in Karachi. Due to ban from the Kingdom, no flight is available to fly towards Saudi Arabia for pilgrimages.

PIA Cancels Flights to Saudi Arabia for the Following Types of Visitors

PIA has stopped its flights and all types of operations from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia. No pilgrimages are taken from any airport to KSA. This ban is specific only for the following travelers:

  1. Pilgrimages who want to perform Umrah
  2. Visitors who want to visit Saudi Arabia on tourist visa

Other than above mentioned visitors’ types, Saudi nationals, businessmen doing businesses in the Kingdom and the expats keeping employment visa (Iqama) can travel.

Pakistan International Airlines is bringing back the gone pilgrimages from Saudi Arabia by its flights.

Umrah Visa Latest News about Lifting Ban

According to PIA officials and helpline, the ban will continue till March 15, 2020. After clearing some issues, necessary works and steps, ban may be lift and Umrah pilgrimages may be allowed to visit Saudi Arabia.

This may be due to preparing some precautionary and safety measures at airports, in nearest hospitals and other areas. But, all types of Umrah services are completely muted now.

Know More about Cancelled PIA Flights

 PIA is offering two solutions for the pilgrimages those who are waiting for traveling towards Saudi Arabia, but can’t travel due to ban. These are as:

1. February cancellations:

2. March Cancellations:

This was all about the Umrah visa latest news amid coronavirus scares in Pakistan. Please keep calm and wait for the next news and policies from Saudi Government for Umrah pilgrimages who want to visit Mecca and Madina.