An Offbeat Travel to Northern Areas

With an end to Board Examinations I planned to visit my cousin in Northern Areas. He lives in a small town called Khanaspur, Ayubia. This is the trip I can term as an offbeat travel

First of all, let me introduce this beautiful place so you can have an idea of some interesting places so, whenever you go there you should visit these. The town which I was travelling to is 1km ahead of Ayubia. Landed there at 1pm then headed towards a track known as “loop” now let me tell you about this track. At the start of this track is a huge helipad which is often used by our Prime Minister Imran Khan during visits. During normal days it is used for football and cricket teams to practice and you can witness football and cricket leagues during end of each month. Next to helipad is road covered in dense forest leading towards houses. The most visited and beautiful spot in Khanspur is Kashmir point. It is an elevated place with a breathtaking view of Kashmir Mountains and they are mostly covered with snow. Then the road leads to main town. In midway are barracks which were owned by Americans before 1947 and now by families of Jatoi tribe these are must see. Heading towards the main town comes Punjab college hostels which they visit every year most commonly in June and July. Many students from engineering universities are witnessed by me during the trip every year.

Tasty Food Points near Khanaspur:

Khanaspur doesn’t have some tasty foods but Ayubia is famous for its dish called “Patakha Chicken” it’s a whole chicken covered in red chili powder and is not everyone’s cup of tea in spices. Another food point for Fast food lovers is near Nathia Gali named Jessie’s. The trip to Jessie’s was to discover fast food quality in that area and was stunned by the taste and quality. The restaurant for hygienic and was designed in wooden texture with a terrace to an open view.


Ayubia Chairlift and PTDC

Ayubia chairlift is one of the safest and an offbeat spot in areas around Murree.  Chairlift is surrounded by a big market. From this market is a road in the end leading towards elevated tea point called PTDC which has a breathtaking view which one should visit if he or she’s is planning to go there.

Hope you visit these beautiful spots when you visit there.


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  1. ame

    March 3, 2021

    when you visit do not forget visiting places in nathiagali. for Nathiagali is one of best visiting place in pakistan. for hotel booking in nathiagali.

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