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Saudi Arabia Imposes Ban on Umrah Visa for Pakistan due to Coronavirus

Saudi Arabia temporarily bans on Umrah Visa in coronavirus-affected countries, including Pakistan, where two cases were found on Wednesday in Karachi, Foreignway reported, quoting foreign ministry, airport, and travel agent sources.

KSA imposes this ban only on travelers or pilgrimages who want to come into the Kingdom for Umrah purposes.

This step was taken by Saudi Government after receiving confirmation news about the coronavirus cases found in Karachi, Pakistan. The affected persons visited Iran during the last days, where many coronavirus cases were found, and people (A minimum of seventeen) died due to this COVID-19.

Duration of Ban on Umrah Visa

Although the imposed ban is told temporarily, the exact date, duration, and end are not confirmed by authorities and officials of the Saudi and Pakistani Governments. Religious affairs and foreign ministry officials are also unable to tell about this.

Umrah Visa and any type of visit to Saudi Arabia are banned in Pakistan. Travel agencies and tour operators are hoping to lift this ban on Umrah so that pilgrimages can visit the Holy Cities of Mecca and Madina.

Unbearable Loss Due to Ban

More than 2.1 million pilgrimages visited Saudi Arabia from different countries of the world to perform Umrah the previous year. Among all these, Pakistan tops the list of countries in 2019. The index shows that 495,270 people visited Saudi Arabia on Umrah Visa last year. Indonesia and Malaysia come after Pakistan on this list.

It is a significant loss for both pilgrimages and tour operating companies in Pakistan. Along with these, airlines and other connected businesses are affected due to such a ban on travelers coming from Pakistan. Such steps are taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to save the visitors and pilgrimages from this disease, and Alhamdulillah KSA is still safe from this fast-spreading virus. This virus started in China this year, and more than 2800 people have died worldwide due to this COVID-19.

Umrah is a beloved religious activity among Muslims of the world, in which they visit two Holy Cities of Saudi Arabia, Mecca & Madina, where they perform religious activities. Due to the coronavirus COVID-19 issue starting in China, and two cases found in Karachi, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia temporarily imposed a ban on Umrah Visa for Pakistanis.


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