List and guide of e-residency countries
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An Ultimate List of e-Residency Countries in 2024

E-Residency Countries offer people the possibility to establish a digital presence, conduct enterprise remotely, and foster global entrepreneurship. In this digital age, where virtually every aspect of our lives has become intertwined with the online realm, it comes as no surprise that even e-residency can now be obtained through the internet. Estonia, in 2014, became a trailblazer by launching the world’s first e-Residency program, marking a significant milestone in the digital transformation of governance. Since then, several countries have followed suit and initiated their own e-Residency programs, opening up new avenues for individuals and entrepreneurs around the world.

What is E-Residency and Its Advantages for Entrepreneurs?

E-Residency, often referred to as virtual residency, is a government-issued digital identity and status that offers a gateway to a country’s business environment without the need for physical presence or citizenship. Successful applicants are typically provided with a smart card, granting access to exclusive services unavailable to non-residents. The benefits of e-Residency are manifold, making it an attractive option for individuals seeking global business opportunities. E-Residency is like having a digital passport for entrepreneurship. It’s a virtual identification and standing provided by using certain countries, permitting entrepreneurs to get entry to their enterprise environment online. The great component? You can run your commercial enterprise from everywhere inside the international without the need for the bodily presence or citizenship. With e-Residency, you can install and manipulate your business completely online, saving fees on workplace areas and achieving international markets. Hiring skills become less difficult as well, with the freedom to collect a crew from anywhere. Plus, the virtual nature of e-Residency simplifies administrative obligations, making office work a thing of the past. It’s a game-changer for entrepreneurs seeking out flexibility, global reach, and streamlined operations.

Advantages for Entrepreneurs:

Location Independence: 

E-Residency allows marketers to set up and manage agencies from everywhere in the international. Isn’t always required, supplying the flexibility to function globally without the limitations of a specific geographic vicinity.

Easy Business Setup:

With e-Residency, marketers can install their corporations quickly and efficaciously. The procedure is streamlined, frequently completed online, and includes minimal bureaucratic hurdles in comparison to traditional enterprise registration processes.

Access to Global Markets:

E-Residency permits entrepreneurs to tap into international markets easily. With a web enterprise, there are not any boundaries on accomplishing customers from distinct nations or continents. This expands the consumer base and potential sales streams.

Reduced Costs:

Operating an online enterprise thru e-Residency appreciably reduces charges compared to traditional brick-and-mortar institutions. Entrepreneurs can save on charges along with hire, utilities, and bodily infrastructure, taking into consideration greater efficient use of financial assets.

Flexible Hiring:

E-Residency allows the hiring of far-flung personnel from everywhere in the world. This flexibility allows marketers to build teams based totally on skills rather than geographical proximity. It additionally permits the advent of service-based corporations which could leverage a diverse pool of skilled professionals.

Digital Authentication and Document Signing:

E-Residency provides a digital identity and authentication mechanism that simplifies the technique of signing and authorizing documents. This eliminates the need for physical office work, reducing administrative burden and increasing performance.

Simplified Tax Management:

E-Residency programs regularly provide simplified tax control techniques. Entrepreneurs can effortlessly declare and manipulate their tax returns digitally, casting off complicated office work and allowing green compliance with tax policies.

Access to Specialized Services:

E-Residency popularity grants entrepreneurs get right of entry to distinct services and advantages, consisting of business banking, online payment processors, and e-government offerings. These services cater especially to e-Residents and offer convenient solutions for numerous business desires.

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities:

E-Residency packages often foster a supportive network of marketers and provide networking structures for collaboration and information sharing. This can lead to precious partnerships, mentorship opportunities, and enterprise growth.

Potential Tax Incentives:

Some e-Residency applications offer attractive tax incentives to marketers, such as reduced company tax charges or tax exemptions for a positive length. These incentives can significantly beautify the monetary viability of companies and encourage investment.

List of E-Residency Countries


tallinn estonia July 2024

Located in Northern Europe, is the pioneer of the e-Residency concept. Its e-Residency program is based on a government-issued digital identity that provides access to Estonia’s and Europe’s dynamic business environment. As an e-Resident, you can register your company in the European Union and conduct business in a digital, paperless manner. Estonia’s simplified tax system, low indirect taxes, and open trade regime make it an attractive investment option.


azerbaijan July 2024

A transcontinental country, introduced its e-Residency program in 2018. With the e-Residency and m-Residency initiatives, entrepreneurs worldwide can establish and operate location-independent firms in Azerbaijan. While e-Residents have chip-enabled identification cards, m-Residents use a special mobile identification SIM card. Azerbaijan offers fast and reliable services, including online banking, payment processors, and e-government services. The country provides tax benefits, such as a three-year complete tax exemption for businesses with a startup certificate.


liberland July 2024

A micronation between Croatia and Serbia, offers e-Residency to individuals seeking opportunities to expand their businesses. The e-Residency allows identification in-person and online, document authentication, and access to encrypted communication facilities. It is popular among investors in cryptomonics and trading, contributing to the country’s economic growth. However, as a micronation without legal or diplomatic recognition, Liberland’s e-Residency program does not provide living or travel benefits.


Portugal parkview city July 2024

Launched its e-Residency program in 2020, modeling it after Estonia’s program. The Portuguese e-Residency program aims to boost investment in technology and innovation. It grants access to personal and business banking services, healthcare services and also in  various strategies to artistic enterprise. While the program offers opportunities to establish online businesses in the European ecosystem, information about the tax system is limited.


lithuania freedom house July 2024

Hidden gem in the Baltic region of Europe, has emerged as a progressive e-residency country, attracting global entrepreneurs and digital nomads seeking to establish their digital presence in this forward-thinking nation. Known for its vibrant tech scene and innovative mindset, Lithuania offers a fertile ground for remote business operations. The e-residency program in Lithuania provides individuals with the ability to remotely manage their businesses, access digital services, and tap into the country’s dynamic business ecosystem. Whether it’s setting up an online venture, enjoying simplified administrative procedures, or leveraging Lithuania’s strategic location as a gateway to the European Union market, e-residency opens doors to a wealth of opportunities. Furthermore, Lithuania’s rich cultural heritage, preserved medieval towns, and breathtaking natural landscapes provide a charming backdrop for digital entrepreneurs to find inspiration and strike a harmonious work-life balance.


ukraine July 2024

A fascinating nation situated in Eastern Europe, has embraced the concept of e-residency, offering individuals from around the world a unique opportunity to establish their digital presence and engage in various online activities. With its vibrant tech scene and growing digital infrastructure, Ukraine has become an attractive destination for remote entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and global professionals seeking new business horizons. The e-residency program enables individuals to remotely manage and operate their businesses, access digital services, and leverage Ukraine’s favorable economic environment. Whether it’s establishing a virtual company, signing documents electronically, or conducting secure online transactions, e-residency in Ukraine provides a seamless and efficient platform for individuals to thrive in the digital realm.

South Africa:

south africa July 2024

A captivating nation nestled at the southern tip of the African continent, has embraced the concept of e-residency, opening its doors to global entrepreneurs and digital nomads seeking to establish their digital presence in this vibrant country. With its robust infrastructure, thriving tech ecosystem, and a strategic location at the crossroads of Africa, South Africa offers a dynamic environment for remote business operations. The e-residency program in South Africa provides individuals with the opportunity to remotely manage their businesses, access digital services, and tap into the country’s extensive network of resources and expertise. Whether it’s establishing an online company, collaborating with local partners, or benefiting from South Africa’s favorable business regulations, e-residency offers a seamless pathway to engage with the country’s diverse economy.


georgia July 2024

A gem nestled in the Caucasus region between Europe and Asia, has embraced the concept of e-residency, offering a gateway for global entrepreneurs and digital nomads to establish their digital presence in this enchanting country. Known for its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and warm hospitality, Georgia provides an ideal environment for remote business operations. The e-residency program in Georgia opens up a world of opportunities, allowing individuals to remotely manage their businesses, access digital services, and leverage the country’s favorable economic landscape. Whether it’s setting up an online venture, enjoying simplified tax procedures, or benefiting from the country’s strategic location as a regional hub, e-residency in Georgia offers a seamless pathway to unlock the country’s immense potential. Furthermore, with its diverse landscapes ranging from snow-capped mountains to picturesque valleys and ancient cities, Georgia offers a perfect backdrop for digital entrepreneurs to find inspiration and strike a harmonious work-life balance.


brazil July 2024

Mesmerizing country nestled in South America, has embraced the concept of e-residency, inviting global entrepreneurs and digital pioneers to establish their digital presence in this dynamic nation. With its vast territory, rich cultural diversity, and booming economy, Brazil offers a multitude of opportunities for remote business operations. The e-residency program in Brazil provides individuals with the ability to remotely manage their businesses, access digital services, and tap into the country’s thriving market. Whether it’s starting an online venture, collaborating with local partners, or benefiting from Brazil’s favorable business environment, e-residency opens doors to a world of possibilities. Moreover, Brazil’s stunning natural beauty, from the majestic Amazon rainforest to the picturesque beaches of Rio de Janeiro, offers an inspiring backdrop for digital entrepreneurs to find inspiration and strike a harmonious work-life balance. The vibrant cities, renowned for their lively culture, music, and gastronomy, add an extra flair to the e-residency experience in Brazil.

Establishing an Online Company with E-Residency

Establishing an online company is one of the primary advantages of e-Residency. With this status, entrepreneurs can effortlessly set up, manage, and run their businesses entirely online. Online enterprises bring various benefits, including lower startup costs compared to physical establishments, as there is no need to rent a physical space—an expense that often constitutes a significant financial burden. Furthermore, online businesses can tap into global markets, reaching customers from different countries or even continents, while keeping marketing costs minimal. The flexibility of hiring employees from anywhere in the world is yet another advantage of e-Residency, enabling the establishment of service-based businesses with ease.

Another significant benefit is the ability to manage your company from anywhere in the world. As an e-Resident, physical residency in the country where your business is registered is not a prerequisite. This is particularly advantageous for entrepreneurs aiming to sell their products or services in Europe without incurring the high costs associated with relocating. Moreover, the e-Residency card holds legal recognition internationally, simplifying the process of signing and authorizing documents. With the digital ID provided by e-Residency, individuals can sign and authenticate documents remotely, eliminating the need for tedious paperwork.

Simplifying Corporate Taxes with E-Residency Programs

Handling corporate taxes is an essential aspect of running a business, and e-Residency programs streamline this process. By participating in an e-Residency program, entrepreneurs can declare and manage their tax returns digitally, simplifying an otherwise daunting task. Furthermore, many e-Residency programs offer attractive tax benefits to e-Residents, further incentivizing individuals to explore this avenue.

E-Residency for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Freelancers

E-Residency programs are designed to cater to various groups, each benefiting in its own way. Business owners and entrepreneurs, especially those seeking location-independent operations, can leverage e-Residency to expand their businesses and increase revenue. Applying for an e-Residency program that provides access to Europe’s digital ecosystem, for example, allows entrepreneurs to tap into the continent’s resources and market without the need for physical relocation.

Freelancers face numerous challenges, including business registration, navigating legal frameworks, managing taxes, and handling client payments. E-Residency presents an opportunity for freelancers to overcome these hurdles. By obtaining an e-Residency card, freelancers can legally register their businesses in their chosen e-Residency country without the need to physically relocate. Service providers like Xolo Leap can assist with managing tax compliance and legal frameworks, simplifying the process further.

E-Residency for Digital Nomads

Digital nomads, individuals who are constantly on the move, face unique challenges when it comes to managing an online business. Handling taxes and managing transactions across international borders can be particularly daunting. E-Residency offers a solution for digital nomads by enabling them to establish and operate businesses regardless of their location. Opting for an e-Residency program provided by a European Union member country.


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