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IRAN VISA Fee for Ziarat 2024: 4 Easy Steps for Smooth VISA Process

Are you making plans for a sacred journey to Iran for pilgrimage purposes? If so, you will likely need a Ziarat VISA. This category of VISA is specifically designed for tourists travelling to Iran to honour holy shrines. To ensure a smooth VISA utility technique, it is crucial to apprehend the modern Ziarat VISA expenses for 2024.

Ziarat VISA Fees for 2024: A Breakdown

The cost of your Ziarat VISA depends on the number of entries you require. Here’s a breakdown 

Here are some key points to keep in mind regarding Ziarat VISA fees: the current fees:

  • Single Entry Ziarat VISA: This VISA permits you to enter Iran once during its validity period. A single entry Iran VISA fee for Ziarat 2024 is Rs 5,250.
  • Double Entry Ziarat VISA: If you plan on multiple visits to Iran for pilgrimage purposes, a double-entry Ziarat VISA might be a better option. This VISA allows you to enter Iran twice within its validity period. The fee for a double-entry Ziarat VISA in 2024 is Rs 7,875.
iran visa fee for ziarat 2024

Important Points to Remember About Iran VISA Fee for Ziarat 2024

  • Currency: The abovementioned fees are listed in Pakistani Rupees (Rs). The exchange rate between your home currency and Pakistani Rupees may fluctuate, so it’s recommended to confirm the exact amount payable in your currency with the Iranian embassy or consulate you’re applying through.
  • Additional Fees: There might be additional charges associated with the VISA application process, such as service fees or courier charges. It’s exceptional to check with the relevant government for any extra charges you would possibly incur.
  • Urgent VISA Application: If you need your VISA processed quickly, you might be required to pay an additional fee. This fee typically amounts to 50% of the standard VISA fee.
currency exchange rate

Where to Find the Latest Information on Ziarat VISA Fees:

For the maximum up-to-date facts on Ziarat VISA charges, it’s beneficial to seek advice from the following resources:

  • Official Website of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website provides complete information on VISA applications, including fees. You can visit their website for the latest updates on Ziarat VISA fees (
  • Iranian Embassy or Consulate in Your Country: The Iranian embassy or consulate in your home country is another reliable source for current VISA fee information. They can also answer any precise questions you may have about the Ziarat VISA software manner.
Iranian Embassy or Consulate in Your Country

Planning Your Trip Beyond the VISA Fee:

While the Ziarat VISA fee is a critical thing to bear in mind, do not forget to component in different journey charges like flights, lodging, and journey insurance. Researching those factors beforehand will help you create realistic finance for your pilgrimage to Iran.

A Smooth Journey Awaits:

By familiarizing yourself with the Iran VISA fee for Ziarat 2024 and following the recommended steps, you may ensure a smooth VISA software procedure. With the important paperwork and expenses, you can interested in getting ready for your non-secular adventure to Iran.

What is the cost of a single-entry Ziarat VISA for Iran in 2024?

The fee for a single entry Ziarat VISA in 2024 is Rs 5,250.

Can I apply for a double-entry Ziarat VISA and what is the fee?

Yes, a double-entry Ziarat VISA allows you to enter Iran twice within its validity period and costs Rs 7,875 in 2024.

Are there any additional fees besides the Ziarat VISA fee?

Yes, additional charges such as service fees, courier charges, or urgent processing fees may apply.


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