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Indonesia is a vast archipelago nation located in Southeast Asia, comprised of thousands of islands, and home to a population of over 270 million people. It is currently the fourth most populous country in the world and boasts great diversity, with over 300 ethnic groups and more than 700 languages spoken.The country’s history has been influenced by a range of factors, including Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms, Islamic sultanates, European colonization, and Japanese occupation during World War II. Indonesia declared independence from the Netherlands in 1945 and has since developed into a democratic republic.
Indonesia Sticker Visa Requirements

Original Passport
All Previous Passport
4 Pics White Background
NTN Letter Pad
Police Character certificate for 1 time traveler
Account Maintenance Certificate
Covid Vaccination Booster Doz
Last 06 Month Bank Statement With 3 Lac Balance (if applicable person don’t have strong statement then blood relation statement is acceptable )
>>>> Process Time 10-15 Days <<<<
One Month Sticker Visa
Business Visa in Indonesia

Processing Time 20days
Company Registration
For Per Applicant Visa Processing Charges 2years With Kitas
Required documents from Customer

Passport 1st & 2nd Page Scan With Applicant Signature
Photo In White Background
ID Card Scan
Name Of Directors Minimum 2 Name Required
Below The Documents We Arranged For You

Nama PT:
Direktur utama:
Direktur :
Komisaris utama:
Modal awal:
Email PT:
Tlpn :
Domisili usaha:
Bidang usaha:
Contact us :
+9251-5511155 (56-57) / +92313-5000666
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