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France has always been a favorite tourist destination and in recent years it has also become a preferred country for international students. France saw an 8% rise in the number of international students in 2021-22 as per a survey conducted by Campus France. The country will welcome more international students by 2025, creating a favorable ambiance for budding entrepreneurs, innovation, and new businesses.
Popular places to study in France are Paris, Lyon, Montpellier, Strasbourg, Grenoble, Bordeaux, and Nantes.

Why study in France?
When you choose France as your study abroad destination, you will get a chance to learn a new language and flourish in a new environment thanks to its rich culture, architecture, and thriving student life.

There is no doubt about the fact that your academic stay in France will leave you with unforgettable memories and will allow you to form connections that you will keep for life as one alumni community of France.

Benefits of studying in France
The country has 3500 excellent educational institutes offering bachelor’s and master’s in France for international students in a diverse range of subjects.

The top reasons to choose France as your study abroad destination are:

Globally-ranked universities – The top 20 universities in France are also ranked and recognized by QS in the global top 500 list. Whether you choose a graduate, postgraduate, or PhD in France, you can rest assured that you will get quality education combined with practical training. Further, if you want to build a career in France or any other foreign country, a globally recognized degree from a reputed French institute will open up a lot of job prospects for you.

Affordable cost of studying – Universities in France for international students are much more economical and affordable. A bachelor’s degree in France for international students from a public university will cost about €2,770 per year whilst a master’s degree will cost €3,770 which is quite economical. Please keep in mind that the tuition fees in private universities and colleges are higher than in public institutes.

Study amidst a multicultural and fashionable society – The best thing about studying in France is that you get to experience a completely new world and culture that is inclusive and progressive. Moreover, France is known to be the fashion powerhouse of the world, from designer boutiques and international stores to department stores, there is something for everyone in France.

Economic powerhouse – France is home to some of the biggest international corporations in the world like L’Oreal, Orange, Sanofi, Danone, Airbus, etc. making it one of the major economies in the world. Studying in France can open up a lot of career and job avenues for international students.


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