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Why Study in UK
No matter what type of lifestyle you want, be it the fast-paced life in London or the relaxed culture in Edinburgh, you will surely fall in love with one of the many famous study abroad destinations in the United Kingdom.

From the beautiful student lifestyle to the historic universities, and many more reasons make studying in the UK the best choice for international students!

Furthermore, British universities are significantly cheaper when compared to the level of education you can expect. If you’re wondering why to study in the UK, there’s a lot more you should know. Read on.

Exceptional Academic Reputation
The academic benefits of studying in the UK are the main reason to consider studying there. The degree you receive from a UK university will be recognized and respected, regardless of where you end up working.

Over a million students worldwide have traveled to the UK for many decades because of its undisputed reputation for academic excellence and quality.

As a Pakistani student, UK education can build a solid foundation and boost your chances of getting the job you want and earning a higher salary.

There are over 160 colleges, universities, and other institutions in the UK, 84 of which are ranked in the QS World University Rankings 2021.

There have been universities in Britain for hundreds of years. Oxford and Cambridge both originated more than 800 years ago!

You can find people from almost any country on the planet in the UK. International students find the UK a diverse country with a strong sense of culture. The UK is the world’s second most popular destination for international students.

The UK is a place you’ll never be bored studying. Irrespective of your interests, there’s always something interesting to do. Thousands of families worldwide live in the United Kingdom, making it a unique country.

It leaves the UK with a unique blend of culture, food, and interests. Not only will you learn about British culture but also about cultures from other countries. Additionally, you will be able to practice your religion freely.

Outstanding Work Opportunities
During school terms, international students in the UK are permitted to work between 20 and 40 hours a week, and they can work up to full-time in the holidays.

Be sure to check with the international advisor at your school before beginning any work – your visa may have changed, and you do not want to violate it.

Remember that it is not always easy to find a job, so counting on income from work to finance all of your education is not the best approach.

Working at a part-time job offers a great way to boost your bank account and a great chance to meet new people and gain new skills. Depending on the job, you may even receive discounts.

Even better, your university might help you secure an internship as part of your degree program, undoubtedly giving you an edge upon graduation.

Financial Benefits
Students from abroad can benefit financially from studying in the UK. First, it takes less time in the UK to complete a degree than in other countries.

In many countries, one needs to finish a four-year undergraduate degree and then two or three extra years for a postgraduate degree. There are three years to complete an undergraduate degree in the UK and one more year for a postgraduate degree (unless one is a medical or a research student).

International students and graduates in the UK are eligible for bursaries, grants, and scholarships. Additionally, living costs in the UK are relatively low, especially outside large cities.

An Array Of Degrees
Universities in the UK offer a wide range of degrees, including Art and Design courses, Business and Management courses, and Media Studies courses.

Over 3,000 UK university degrees are available to you, so you will probably find something you like, whatever your interests. Perhaps you’ll even discover something you’d never even considered before!
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