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What makes the UK a leading study destination?
The United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, and Wales & Northern Ireland. Each of these places has its own cultural offerings and experiences which consist of diverse cultures, languages, and faiths. Famous music festivals, movie or sporting events, and other notable global occasions are home to the UK.

International Students

UK stands as one of the world’s leading destinations for international students. The UK welcomes over 400,000 international higher education students each year. There are international students hailing from different nationalities studying in the UK at the moment. Every year, for the last decade this number has seen a steady increase.

Universities in UK

UK universities are among the best in the world and consistently perform well in world rankings. 2 of the Top 6 Universities in the World according to QS rankings are in the United Kingdom. UK higher education degrees are accepted and recognized globally by universities and prospective employers.

The UK higher education space provides quality education across streams. Its research and quality-driven institutions are unmatched in a variety of subjects including Engineering, Law, Economics, and Business. The basic mode of instruction at the majority of institutes in the UK is the English language.

There are close to 400 universities offering more than 45,000 courses in the higher education space across the UK. UK courses are generally shorter than other countries and help to reduce tuition fees and living costs. Many undergrad programs in the UK, except for Scotland, can be completed in three years instead of four, which means that the students can save a year’s worth of tuition fees. Students who are pursuing full-time higher degree undergrad/ post-grad level studies at a UK university can work for a maximum of 20 hours per week during term-time on a Tier-4 visa.

Due to these reasons, thousands of students are opting to study abroad in the UK.
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