Summer Offer 7 Nights 8 Days Tour of Baku (Azerbaijan)
Day 1;
Meeting: The representative of our company receives the visitor at Heydar Aliyev International Airport and bring to the hotel to receive his hotel room (transfer only). In the evening, the visitor enjoys walking to Baku Corniche and its charming nights. Return to the hotel and spend free time (optionally).
Day 2:
Baku tour: Baku Tour: After having breakfast at the hotel, driver will take you to Highland Park, from here you will see amazing view of Baku city. After that we will go to visit the Old City , Maiden Tower which has been classified on UNESCO’S World Cultural Heritage list. The Flame Towers, which have become a symbol of modern Baku ,is also tower museum that tells the story of the development of Baku city, and the last floor by a scene a wonderful panoramic for the city overlooking the Caspian Sea and the towers of the torch. After that, we will head to the Shirvanshah Palace, which dates back to the fifteenth century. Then after lunch, we will moving to Carpet Museum which is home to the largest collection of Azerbaijani carpets in the world. Tour will continue with Little Venice Park which is near the Carpet Museum you will feel yourself in small Italy. Park Evening by walking on seaside Baku you will enjoy spectacular view of Baku Nights.
Day 3:
From Baku to Guba City: After breakfast and we will leave Baku and drive to the city of Kuba, which is about 170 km from the capital. It is one of the most famous natural wonder cities of Azerbaijan. This area is famous for its astonishing natural beauty, picturesque forests, towering valleys, rivers, lakes and waterfalls, as well as medieval buildings and ancient mosques, culture and daily life. Guba is also famous for apple growing and carpet weaving. After arriving in the city, we go to the hotel and take our rooms – dinner – time to rest.
Day 4:
Shahdag & Laza Village: After breakfast at the hotel, we head towards Shahdag Tourism Complex, which is 60 km from the hotel. Shahdag is the first and biggest ski resort located in the Gusar district near Shahdag National Park. The most amazing peaks of Azerbaijan will welcome you at Shahdag. You will enjoy the trips that take place via the cable car, and watch the picturesque nature from the top of the mountain that reaches a height of 2350 meters and you will feel like you are above the clouds.You will have fun while descending from the summit with the Roller Coaster in the ravines and waves, which add more excitement to your holiday in Azerbaijan and give you the feeling of racing on fast and frequent turns surrounded by mountain views. Tour will continue with off road car to Laza Village which is undoubtedly Gusar’s most popular destination for both adventure seekers and those who simply want isolated, uninterrupted rest. With its falling waters creating snow-white foam and water splash fireworks, Laza is simply enchanting everyone.Surrounded by mountain peaks on every side, this village boasts numerous waterfalls over 60 meters high, including a pair of twin waterfalls sitting side by side. At the end of the tour, on the way back to the hotel, Do not return without eating the local dish “Ciqan”.
Day 5:
Tangaaltı & Afurja Tour: We have breakfast at the hotel and then go to one of the natural places in Guba. Tanga, which has a stunning natural beauty in Guba, is a wonderful destination for a road trip. The road through is incredibly beautiful, especially in the autumn when the slopes of the mountains are painted, we continue our way and reach the highest waterfall of Azerbaijan hidden among the mountains. You can reach here by walking or by off road car. Each season, a visit offers a new experience. In the autumn, the surrounding forest becomes colorful, and in the winter, the waterfall can freeze. At the end of the day, after tasting delicious local dishes, we return to the hotel.
Day 6:
From Guba to Baku: After breakfast at the hotel, you will move from Guba to Baku (from Gabala to Baku 168 km / 2-3 hours). After check in in Hotel you will have free time for rest.
Day 7:
Absheron tour: After breakfast at the hotel, we will go to the Heydar Aliyev Center, designed in 2012 by Zaha Hadid, an Iraqi engineer who won the London Design Competition, one of the most important cultural centers. Then we will go to the Absheron Peninsula, about 20 km from Baku, to witness the immortal Azerbaijani legend (Mountain of fire), which in the past was considered a sacred mountain because the fire was not extinguished, and the mountain is considered a religious shrine for some Zoroastrians from Iran, India and others. Afterthat we will head to Ateshgah (Fire Temple) which was built in the 17th and 18th centuries by Indian merchants on the site of a natural gas leak. Ateshgah Temple is rooted in the worship of fire, one of the ancient religions of the Azerbaijani people.
Day 8:
Transfer from Baku Hotel to airport: After breakfast at Baku hotel according to flight time driver will transfer to Airport. (if the flight time will be evening or midnight, you can choose any tour. Depending on your choice, it will be counted as an extra payment.)
OFFERS Nights Hotels Cities and Nights Price / BB
Single room / PP Double room/PP Triple room / PP 4 Pax with 2 double room / PP 6 Pax with 2 triple room / PP
Economic Package 4* 7 West Shine / Alma Bagi / West Shine Baku 2n/Guba 3n/ Baku 2n 647$ 348$ 261$ 290$ 222$
Silver Package 4* 7 Premium Park/ Alma Bagi/ Premium Park Baku 2n/Guba 3n/ Baku 2n 699$ 377$ 300$ 321$ 259$
Gold Package 4* 7 Midtown / Alma Bagi / Midtown Baku 2n/Guba 3n/ Baku 2n 740$ 402$ 309$ 347$ 270$
Platinum Package 4* 7 Point / Alma Bagi /
Point Baku 2n/Guba 3n/ Baku 2n 759$ 417$ 321$ 359$ 285$
Economic Package 5* 7 Alba / Guba Palace/ Alba Baku 2n/Guba 3n/ Baku 2n 1104$ 582$ 475$ 497$ 422$
Silver Package 5* 7 IVY Garden / Guba Palace / IVY Garden Baku 2n/Guba 3n/ Baku 2n 1229$ 633$ 519$ 556$ 465$
Gold Package 5* 7 Mogan Hotel / Guba Palace / Mogan Hotel Baku 2n/Guba 3n/ Baku 2n 1259$ 662$ 559$ 602$ 501$
Platinum Package 5* 7 Intercontinental/ Guba Palace / Intercontinental Baku 2n/Guba 3n/ Baku 2n 1530$ 812$ 689$ 760$ 656$
Note: Check in : 14:00 / Check out :12:00 BB: Bed&Breakfast PP: In Room Per Person Bank tax exclude
Prices are valid from 01.06.2023 till 15.09.2023
Note: Price may vary depending on weekdays and weekends, also exclude holidays days
Note: If your number of guests is more than 8 persons, we will give you a discount
Include: 1 Sim Card with Internet.


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