PIA Flights Baggage Allowance
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Complete Guide of PIA Flights Baggage Allowance

PIA is Pakistan’s large airline, one of the largest in the world by passengers flown, and is also one of the oldest airlines in the region. It is headquartered in Karachi and has operations in 16 countries.

PIA, also known as Pakistan International Airlines, is a subsidiary of the Pakistani company Pakistan Airlines. It was founded in 1984 by Mr. A. A. Hayat. The airline is registered with the United States and is registered to a Pakistan International Airlines Holding Company.

Baggage Guide:

PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) knows the significance of presenting comprehensive baggage services to make certain a clean and convenient tour revel in for passengers. Whether you’re traveling in the economy or enterprise elegance, PIA offers various luggage services to fulfill your desires. This manual aims to provide beneficial facts approximately each checked and unchecked bag, making sure that passengers are properly informed and organized for their adventure.

Checked Baggage:

PIA has precise weight allowances and quantity limits for checked baggage. Economy elegance passengers have normally accepted a free bag allowance of 20 kilograms (kg), whilst Executive Economy class passengers enjoy an allowance of 25 kg. Business magnificence passengers are entitled to a higher allowance of 30 kg. It’s vital to note that the wide variety of bag portions allowed is normally restricted to at least one in line with the passenger in all training.

Unchecked Baggage:

Unchecked baggage, usually called carry-on or handbags, is any other important thing to don’t forget. While the load allowance for unchecked baggage is generally lower than that of checked bags, it permits passengers to hold critical items and private property onboard the aircraft. The unique weight limit for deliver-on bags may also range, so it is endorsed to check with PIA or talk over with their authentic pointers for accurate data.

In addition to weight and amount regulations, PIA additionally emphasizes the importance of adhering to size boundaries and restrictions on prohibited items. Certain gadgets, which include sharp items, flammable materials, and drinks exceeding the allowed amount, won’t be allowed in either checked or unchecked luggage for safety and safety reasons.

Baggage Definitions:

Baggage encompasses all of the assets which can be critical for non-public use, comfort, or sporting during a tour. It encompasses each checked and unchecked luggage. Checked baggage refers back to the objects that are passed over to the airline at the take-a-look-at-in counter and saved in the cargo maintenance of the plane. These luggage are usually larger and heavier, containing apparel, private gadgets, and different tour necessities. It’s critical to notice that treasured or fragile items have to no longer be included in checked bags to decrease the threat of loss, damage, or robbery.

On the alternative hand, unchecked baggage, often known as deliver-on or handbags, incorporates the objects passengers deliver into the aircraft cabin. This consists of smaller baggage, backpacks, or purses which are stored with the passenger in the course of the flight. Carry-on bags typically consists of essential items consisting of journey files, wallets, electronic gadgets, medicines, and private valuables. It is usually recommended to maintain all valuable and important gadgets within the carry-on bags to make sure their safety and smooth access at some stage in the journey.

Understanding the distinction between checked and unchecked bags is important for tourists to make knowledgeable choices about how to percent and steady their property. By fending off placing precious objects in checked bags and keeping them in their carry-on luggage, passengers can reduce the danger of loss or theft while ensuring their non-public comfort and convenience at some stage in the ride.

Baggage Tag:

The airline tags your baggage for your airline. You are given a tag that is attached to your baggage.

Limited Release Tag:

A tag is a tool used to indicate if some of the baggage is damaged. The tag limits the liability of the airline.

Pakistan International Airlines flight baggage allowance
Pakistan International Airlines

How much luggage can I take on PIA?

Carrying a total of 3 pieces of carry-on and checked luggage is about it. That being said, you can still take up to 30 checked bags. 30 is still quite a lot, but it will make your travel easier. 

PIA flights offer the ability to carry a certain amount of luggage. This can be different for each destination, but typically, you can bring up to values of 10-20 items with you. 

When traveling with PIA flights, you can be sure of your travel options and the availability of helpful support groups that will help you with all the materials you need. 

The following are some tips to help you with your luggage:

Maximum weight for luggage in KG?

Maximum baggage weight is usually measured in kilograms (kilograms) and varies by way of airline and travel organization. Most airlines have specific regulations on checked luggage and baggage. The maximum weight restriction for checked bags is typically between 20kg and 32kg each, depending on the airline and travel organization. Some airlines may also practice surcharges for overweight bags. For example, baggage weight limits are usually decreased, starting from 7 kg to ten kg. Passengers need to test the specific baggage rules in their chosen airline before touring to test have visible weight regulations adhered to keep away from surprising payments or problems at the airport.

  • Saver: 55 pounds (25 kg)
  • Flex: 66 pounds (30 kg)
  • Flex Plus: 77 pounds (35 kg)

Baggage Allowance on PIA Flights :

baggage allowance on pia flights July 2024

PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) provides one-of-a-kind bag allowances based totally on the elegance of the journey. In Economy magnificence, passengers are entitled to a loose bags allowance of 20 kilograms (kg) and are allowed to carry one piece of luggage. For tourists in Executive Economy elegance, the loose luggage allowance is improved to 25 kg, with the provision to carry one piece of baggage. Business class passengers revel in the highest bags allowance of 30 kg and are approved to carry one piece of bag. It’s essential for passengers to stick to these exact weight limits to avoid any extra bag prices or headaches all through take a look at-in. Here is a summarized list of the bags allowances on PIA flights:

  • Economy 20 KG 01
  • Executive Economy 25 KG 01
  • Business 30 KG 01

Weight & Dimension of Hand Carry Baggage Allowed in Cabin:

  • Class of Travel Domestic International
  • Economy 07 KG MAX 07 KG MAX
  • (38L, 22W & 55H) 115 cms     (38L, 22W & 55H) 115 cms
  • Executive Economy 12 KG MAX 12 KG MAX
  • Business 01pc 07 KG 01pc 07 KG
  • (38L, 22W & 55H)115 cms   (38L, 22W & 55H)115 cms
  • & One small Brief Case 05 KG   & One small Brief Case 05 KG

Baggage Rules and Restrictions in PIA are as follows:

For the safety of our passengers and aircraft, it is forbidden to bring the following items:

  • Explosives, munitions, fireworks, and flares
  • oxidizers such as bleach and peroxide
  • poisons such as carbon monoxide, cyanides, or insecticides.
  • safety matches and articles containing easily inflammable materials such as combustible materials
  • security-type cases for having goods such as lithium batteries or pyrotechnics
  • Only PIA passengers may enter the airport
  • All bags must be filled and stored in the vehicle
  • No outside food, drink, or material may be carried into the airport
  • No outside passengers may enter or leave the airport
  • Bags that have been lost or have not yet received a replacement are to be replaced at no cost
  • No alcoholic drinks, no food, no Light duty officers,
  • No flashcards roomy cards,
  • No fliers or posters,
  • Knives, Scissors, and any other sharp objects are not allowed legally.

End Note:

I am sure that this article would be very helpful to the people who want to fly by PIA. In this article, I wrote about PIA luggage, weight, dimension as well as weight restrictions, and other helpful information that you need to know about Pakistan International Airlines.

It is noted that Baggage allowance rules and limitations may change at any time so, it is necessary to check current weight rules and limitations when you want to fly. Please check with the PIA Pakistan International Airlines Customer Contact Centre at +92 21 111 786 786 or the contact number of your country for exact details.

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