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Alex in Wanderland – Stay Tuned for More Fun

Alice in Wonderland or Alex in Wanderland, I am not bothered until I end up wandering in a  wonderful land. So, the Wanderland which  I chose for myself and recommend you to choose for your next destination is Koa Tao. Thailand has been an outstanding choice of many travelers. The vast blue seas and the untouched underwater views and the warmth of the Thai community have welcomed travel enthusiasts from all over the world.

My travel itinerary this time was not like the usual ones. This was a special one , when I thought not to travel like a tourist but as a local. I ditched staying in a hotel and chose a beach villa. I did not opt for a tour package but instead chose to bike around the town. I chose to taste the local cuisine instead of hitting the fast food chains. I was the Alex in Wanderland who wanted to roam around to discover the best of the land along with discovering who I was.

What I did, other than Wandering like Alex in Wanderland?

Every time I came back from a trip I got along with me experiences and memories but this time I wanted to learn a skill. Since I was discovering Koa Tao, I thought to myself that this could be the best place to learn Scuba Diving. With the perfect water and the mind blowing underwater reefs and not to mention the marvelous weather if I chose not to learn Scuba diving at Koa Tao it would be a big miss.

SSI and PADI are two certified centers of learning Diving. Both of them have been recognized as reputed diving schools. There are various courses and levels of training that one could take . I undertook a course which included four days of training and would give me a certificate.

The diving course was an adventurous and exciting opportunity which I had rightly chosen. The diving school along with the certificate gave me confidence and gave me the opportunity to intermix with various cultures, which is what I was looking ahead to along with being the Alex in Wanderland.


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