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Guide to Dubai Family VISA

Requirements to Sponsor Someone for a UAE Family VISA Sponsoring your circle of relatives to sign up for you within the vibrant land of the UAE is an interesting journey, but it comes with particular conditions. Let’s navigate through the crucial necessities for a Dubai Family VISA. This extensive manual unlocks the secrets and techniques of acquiring your Dubai Family Visa. From eligibility criteria to medical exams and office work.

Income Criteria Family Sponsorship

Male Expatriates: Minimum earnings of AED four,000 per month or AED 3,000 according to month plus lodging.

Female Expatriates: Minimum month-to-month revenue of AED 10,000 or AED 8,000 plus accommodation.

Health Assessment for Family Members Above 18 

All family members above 18 ought to undergo a medical fitness check at a central authority-accepted health center inside the UAE, encompassing tests for HIV and Tuberculosis. Exclusion of Same-Sex Marriage Sponsorship Notably, the UAE does now not apprehend same-sex marriage, rendering sponsorship for spouses in equal-sex relationships impossible.

Professions Eligibility

professions eligibility May 2024

As of 2019, there are no precise professions mandated for eligibility. Foreign workers meeting the earnings standards can convey their families to the UAE.

Who Can You Sponsor for a UAE Family VISA?

Sponsoring own family individuals varies based totally on gender and, at times, maybe greater truthful for male expatriates:

For Male Expatriates:

  •  Wife (up to 2 if Muslim).
  •  Sons (as much as 18 years, extendable to 21 for college kids).
  •  Unmarried daughters.
  •  Parents, along with stepchildren, with a No Objection Certificate.

For Female Expatriates:

  •  Husband and children.
  • Specific criteria include a month-to-month salary no longer much less than AED 10,000 or AED eight,000 plus accommodation.
  • Employment in engineering, teaching, or medical professions.

Documentary Prerequisites for a UAE Family VISA To substantiate a UAE Family VISA software, the subsequent files are essential:

Dubai Family VISA Application Form.

Visa application form May 2024
  •  Passport copies and passport-length pics of the circle of relatives contributors.
  •  Medical clearance certificate for the circle of relatives contributors above 18.
  •  Sponsor’s employment agreement and evidence of month-to-month salary.
  •  Legalized marriage certificate.
  •  Proof of accommodation in the UAE, consisting of a registered tenancy agreement and the modern-day software bill.
  •  Application Process for a UAE Family VISA

The application includes levels:

Applying for the Entry Permit:

  • Done within 60 days of acquiring your UAE Residence VISA.
  • Application through GDRFA, Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, or ICA’s eChanel portal.
  • Applying for the Dubai Family VISA.
  • Submission publish-arrival of own family contributors with an entry allowed.
  • Application submission at GDRFA offices of the applicable emirate.
  • Cost Structure of a Dubai Family VISA

The value varies based totally on the type of VISA and associated carrier fees:

  •  Registration reports, Tasheera fees, medical checks, Emirates ID, and other provider costs contribute to the overall fee.
  •  Validity and Renewal of a Dubai Family VISA
  •  A UAE Family VISA may be issued for 1, 2, or three years, problem of renewal a minimum of thirty days before expiry. However, the VISAS validity hinges on the sponsor’s VISA fame; if the sponsor’s VISA expires or is canceled, the Family VISA turns into void.

In the end, understanding the difficult system and assembly of the stipulated necessities is paramount for a continuing experience in sponsoring a circle of relatives members for a UAE Family VISA. Always seek advice from applicable authorities for modern-day updates and accurate details.


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