Issuance of e-passport from all passport offices
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E-passports are now being issued from all passport offices across Pakistan

Islamabad, June 2023 – After a successful pilot launch in June 2023 in Islamabad, the implementation of E-passports has now been extended to passport offices across the entire nation.

It’s important to highlight that the introduction of E-passports in Islamabad in June 2023 was met with positive response from the general public.

According to the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports, a fee schedule for the issuance of E-passports has been officially released.

Under this schedule, the regular fee for a 5-year E-passport containing 36 pages is set at Rs. 9,000, while the expedited E-passport with the same page count will cost Rs. 15,000.

For those seeking a 72-page E-passport, the standard fee is Rs. 16,500, with an expedited option available at Rs. 27,000.

For a 10-year E-passport with 36 pages, the standard fee is Rs. 13,500, and the expedited service fee is Rs. 22,500.

In the case of a 72-page 10-year E-passport, the standard fee stands at Rs. 24,750, while the expedited fee is Rs. 40,500.

The passport fee schedule / Photo courtesy: Bashkiriya Azal Nadim Dogar

Importantly, the fee for a 10-year E-passport with 36 pages will remain consistent with the previous rates. This revised fee schedule became effective on August 16th.

This notable development signifies a significant leap towards modernizing the passport issuance process, ensuring heightened convenience and security for citizens.

What is an e-Passport?

An e-Passport is a secure travel document. It has an electronic chip implanted in one of the passport pages that holds biometric data about the passport holder.

This data includes things like the person’s unique features, the info on the passport page, a special ID number, and a digital signature. The e-passport also has a chip that can be read electronically (NFC). The new e-Passports introduced in Pakistan follow the standards set by the United Nations’ International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).


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