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Jordan Visit VISA for Pakistani Citizens: 7 Basic Crucial Requirements

Travelling to Jordan, the land steeped in history and captivating landscapes is a dream for many Pakistanis. The historic city of Petra, the Dead Sea’s unique buoyancy, and the bustling capital of Amman promise unforgettable leisure. But before going on this exciting adventure, securing the proper VISA is crucial. This with the aid of a step-by-step manual delves into the entirety you want to recognise about acquiring a Jordan visit VISA for Pakistani residents.

Types of Jordan Visit VISA for Pakistani

There are  number one alternatives for Pakistani passport holders looking for access to Jordan for tourism purposes:

  • VISA on Arrival (VOA): This convenient alternative allows VISA issuance upon arrival at specific Jordanian access factors, including Aqaba Airport and Queen Alia International Airport. This is a lightweight and compact device, it sincerely is excellent for humans with unplanned adventure plans. However, the VOA normally offers a shorter stay, up to 30 days, and might have obstacles on extensions.
  • Embassy VISA: Applying for a VISA ahead at the Jordanian embassy in Islamabad gives extra flexibility. Embassy VISAS often provide an extended period of stay, starting from one month to 3 months, depending on the applicant’s precise wishes. This choice is probably most popular for the ones making plans for extended stays or a couple of entries into Jordan.
jordan visit visa for pakistani

Requirements for Obtaining a Jordan Visit VISA for Pakistani

Regardless of the chosen VISA type, Pakistani applicants must meet specific eligibility criteria:

  1. Valid Passport: A valid Pakistani passport with a minimum validity period of six months beyond your intended stay in Jordan is mandatory. Ensure sufficient blank pages are available for VISA stamping.
  2. Completed VISA Application Form: Download the appropriate VISA application form (VOA or embassy application) and fill it out accurately and completely.
  3. Passport-Sized Photographs: Two recent passport-sized photographs with a white background are required.
  4. Proof of Onward Travel:  Provide a confirmed return flight ticket or onward travel documentation demonstrating your departure from Jordan. This signifies your intention to leave the country within the validity period of your VISA.
  5. Proof of Accommodation:  Present a hotel reservation or confirmation of your accommodation arrangements for the duration of your visit.
  6. Financial Means:  Demonstrate sufficient financial resources to support your stay in Jordan. Bank statements, travel insurance, or a letter from your sponsor can fulfil this requirement.
  7. Additional Documents (Embassy VISA):  For embassy VISA applications, additional documents might be requested, such as a letter of invitation from a Jordanian host or proof of employment. It’s best to check with the Jordanian embassy in Islamabad for any specific requirements.
jordan visit visa for pakistani

Fees Associated with Jordan Visit VISA for Pakistani

  • VISA on Arrival: The VOA fee for Pakistani citizens is approximately 40 Jordanian dinars (JOD), payable upon arrival at the airport.
  • Embassy VISA: The processing fee for an embassy VISA varies depending on the duration of stay and the chosen service (regular or expedited). Contact the Jordanian embassy in Islamabad for current fee information.
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Application Process for a Jordan Visit VISA for Pakistani

  • VISA on Arrival: Upon arrival at designated Jordanian entry points, approach the VISA on arrival counters. Submit the required documents, pay the fee, and undergo a brief immigration interview. If everything is in order, your VISA will be stamped into your passport, allowing entry into Jordan.
  • Embassy VISA: Visit the Jordanian embassy in Islamabad or its designated VISA application centre. Submit the completed application form, supporting documents, and the processing fee. The embassy will overview your utility and notify you of the choice within their stipulated timeframe.

Important Considerations for Pakistani Applicants

  • Ensure all documents are genuine and in good condition.
  • Double-check the accuracy of your information on the application form.
  • Maintain a clean travel history and avoid any past VISA violations.
  • Be prepared to answer any questions immigration officials pose during the VISA application process or upon arrival.

Easily Get Your Jordan Visit VISA for a Memorable Trip

Obtaining a Jordan visit VISA for Pakistani citizens is a straightforward process with proper planning and document preparation. Whether you opt for a VOA’s convenience or an embassy VISAS’s flexibility, understanding the requirements and application procedures will ensure a smooth entry into Jordan. With its breathtaking points of interest, rich records, and warm hospitality, Jordan awaits to create lasting reminiscences for Pakistani visitors. So, go on your Jordanian adventure with confidence,

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