Malta work permit visa
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Malta Work Permit VISA

Malta, a small yet exhilarating and modern U.S.A., beckons individuals seeking new horizons and professional adventures. For those craving to work in Malta and appreciate the specific experiences it has to provide, understanding the intricacies of the utility process for a Malta work permit VISA is paramount. Let’s delve into the details of this procedure, exploring criteria, allow kinds, and crucial necessities.

Do I Need a VISA to Work in Malta?

Certainly. Everyone from a non-EU/EEA country or Switzerland must apply for a VISA to work in Malta, no matter the duration. Even in case your painting’s stint is below 90 days, a VISA is mandatory. Conversely, EU/EEA/Swiss residents revel in indefinite residency and painting privileges in Malta without a work permit. However, they must sign in with the Department for Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs within three months of arrival.

Malta Work Permit VISA

Types of Malta Work Permits

Single Permit:

  • A comprehensive painting VISA granting long-term residence and painting rights.
  • Application initiated by using the enterprise if the applicant is overseas.
  • Processing time typically ranges from two to a few months.

Key Employee Initiative:

  • A novel painting permit delivered for distinctly skilled experts.
  • Expedited processing within five days.
  • Eligibility standards include applicable skills, a minimum annual revenue of €30,000, and documented painting reports during the last three years.

EU Blue Card:

  • Issued to highly skilled workers, preserving a certified position with profits as a minimum of 1.5 instances of the common gross annual earnings in Malta.
  • Initially issued for no less than three hundred and sixty-five days, with indefinite renewals’ situation to meeting employment standards.

Malta Work Permit VISA Requirements

A meticulous collection of files is imperative:

  • Valid passport with at the least clean pages.
  • Completed and signed the painting VISA application form.
  • Passport-sized color photographs complying with Schengen photograph guidelines.
  • Detailed painting contract encompassing job description, profits, and employment period.
  • Updated CV with complete work studies and references.
  • Mandatory tour medical insurance with a minimal coverage of €30,000 within the Schengen region.
  • Documented evidence of lodging in Malta.
  • Flight itinerary serving as proof of booked tour to Malta.

Note: Additional documents can be required, primarily based on particular situations or the applicant’s United States of foundation.

Malta Work Permit VISA

Application Process for Malta Work Permit VISA

Collect Required Documents:

  • Assemble the aforementioned documents.

Enter Malta and Submit a VISA Application:

  • Apply for a Malta countrywide VISA for employment at the Maltese embassy in your United States.
  • Upon entry, receive the Interim Receipt card, allowing access for the cause of making use of an unmarried permit.
  • Apply for a Single Permit in man or woman at the Identity Malta Agency.

Employer Applies for Employment License:

  • The organization initiates the utility via the Job Plus internet site.
  • An employment license is commonly issued for 12 months.
  • Employers have to reveal that the position changed into publicly advertised and no Maltese citizen could fill it.

Receive Work Permit and Begin Working:

  • Await a reaction through text or e-mail.
  • Upon approval, Identity Malta problems the residence card.

Can I Apply for a Malta Work Permit VISA from Abroad?

No, the utility ought to be submitted via the Identity Malta Agency. If travel is impractical, the organization can apply on behalf of the applicant. Successful candidates get hold of an invitation letter within 60 days to enter Malta.

Processing Time for Malta Work Permit VISA

A quick five to 15 running days from report submission.

Malta Work VISA Fees

  • Single Permit: €280.50
  • Employment License: €150
  • Application for Employment License: €50
  • EU Blue Card: €140
  • Type D (National VISA): €100

Duration and Extension

The initial period of a Malta Work VISA is one year, permitting paintings and stay in Malta. Extension after 12 months requires a renewal application and proof of tax payments at some point in the stay.

Malta Work Permit VISA

Family Members and Seasonal Work VISA

After dwelling in Malta for one year, foreign residents can bring their own families. The Seasonal Work VISA is different for citizens of New Zealand and Australia aged 18 to 30, permitting a one-12 month life with the ability to visit different Schengen countries twice a year for 90 days.

In the end, the attraction of Malta extends beyond its geographical length. Navigating the Malta Work Permit VISA technique is the important thing to unlocking doors to a plethora of possibilities in this Mediterranean haven. Whether attracted via expert possibilities or seasonal work, comprehending this system ensures a continuing transition into Malta’s colorful landscape.

Malta Work Permit VISA


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