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                   My dream of becoming a Solo Traveler

It was my dream to do solo travelling in my city and be one of the solo traveler as I didn’t get permission from my father till the summers of 2019. Had collected some money for myself to buy some fragrances that I have hobby of and go on a food run in Bahawalpur to have some fun this weekend. First, I wanted to try the famous grilled burger in satellite town from Meerath Grilled Cafe headed towards satellite town and was pleased to meet the owner of shop who was such a kind person, many orders were places so he said you order will be ready in around 30 minutes so, I decided to explore satellite town a bit. After like 10 Minutes discovered an unusual lemonade at Cafe Badar. Its recipe was the unusual thing about it, it was made of milk, lemon, water, ginger and black pepper. At first, I Hesitated a bit but when I took a sip it was just mind-blowing which I would recommend to everyone. Order was ready after eating I was satisfied as it was worth the hype.

Now looking for reasonable fragrance shops I found one in Model Town B named “Range”. Bought my favorite and famous Versace Fragrance for 7000pkr which was the rate I was looking for.

Now continuing my food run I heard about famous “captain ke paye” from my friends. Headed towards that shop taste was good but they were exaggerated in my personal opinion. Now I wanted some tasty coffee after asking few people they told me about a stall on circular road called “Gujjar Coffee” and I was amazed by its quality and price 120/- for cappuccino as it was too low as compared to many coffee shops. After wandering in Shikarpuri Bazaar for 1 hour found the yummiest Falooda that I had in my life.

Had a look at my clock it was 7:00pm I couldn’t eat more so decided to get myself a pair of formal shoes. Visited number of shops but only one shop was is my budget that was NDURE located on circular road. At the end of the day I was really tired and was happy that my dream of solo travelling is fulfilled.


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