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Notes from the Road

Notes from the road is a travel blog that is raw, unfiltered and unedited. It’s more like a travelogue that has travel experiences of so many people shared.

The main motive behind notes from the road was to create real travel stories that are powerful, humorous and personal. It didn’t aim to create fiction filled or rather exaggerated stories.

I personally enjoy reading the blog posts in Notes from the road as I find them very refreshing. The best part is it doesn’t include excessive promotional material. It can be annoying when you always end up reading about new hotels and their reviews inside a travel blog.

Often writers also spice up their journeys into writing in a belief that it must look interesting to the reader. But notes from the road differs in these aspects as it provides a fresh perspective on travel blogging.

It was started with the sole aim and love for penning down travel experiences.  Stories that are all about ideas, far away places and interesting things to do while travelling.

Modern day blogs contain hotels and reviews in exchange of monetary benefits. There will be very few blogs today that run with an absolute love for sharing travel experiences rather than mere earning money.

Notes from the road is one such exemplary blog that is filled with beautiful snippets of travel. I find this blog very good and original in many aspects. It was started way back in the 90s and today has turned out to be one of the most popular travel blogs online. Owing to its originality and maintaining honesty, it has climbed such a high position.

“Independent, visual and personal” ~ these are the words described by the author of this blog and it has proven true to its claim. We get to see several visually appealing content in the travelling journeys as well as a personal touch which makes the whole reading experience better.

The blog contains several sections that are exclusively dedicated for plants and animal life, photography, jams etc. All these things are part of a wonderful travelling journey. And we as readers enjoy every bit of this content put together makes it a fabulous travel experience


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