Hajj Package

Pakistan Announces Short-term Hajj Package

In Pakistan, there’s good news for those dreaming of going on Hajj. The Ministry of Religious Affairs has just announced a new, shorter Hajj package starting next year. Pilgrims will now have two choices: a shorter trip of 18-20 days or the usual longer stay.

Normally, a Hajj journey lasts around 35 to 50 days. This covers everything from where pilgrims stay, how they travel, and what they eat.

In a recent meeting, they talked about how long the shorter Hajj should be. They suggested it could be anywhere from 18 to 30 days. This way, it can fit better with different people’s schedules.

Hajj Package

Interestingly, they also noticed that not as many people applied for Hajj in 2023 as they expected. They think this might be because it costs more this year. They are looking into this to make sure more people can go on Hajj in the future.

This new, shorter Hajj package is a big change and it will make it easier for more people to go on this important journey. The Ministry of Religious Affairs wants to make sure everyone who wants to go on Hajj can do so comfortably. They hope this new option will be a positive step forward for pilgrims, making this sacred journey more accessible to many. It’s an exciting development that promises to bring Hajj closer to the hearts of more people in Pakistan.


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