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PIA resumes flight operations to Kuwait

Kuwait had imposed a self-imposed ban on Pakistani planes and pilots, which prevented the national airline from flying to Kuwait, while the Kuwaiti airline was flying freely to Pakistan.

The issue was first raised by the PIA at the diplomatic level, but when permission was not forthcoming, Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan issued an order to suspend Kuwait Airlines, citing exploitative behavior from the PIA.

Under pressure from the government of Pakistan and civil aviation, the national airline has now been allowed to operate in Kuwait, which PIA is launching with two weekly flights.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) PIA Air Marshal Arshad Malik extended special thanks to the Minister of Aviation, Secretary Aviation and Civil Aviation officials.

Arshad Malik said in a statement on Twitter that the special efforts of the Foreign Ministry, the Pakistani Ambassador to Kuwait and the Kuwaiti Ambassador to Pakistan helped organize the operation.

He said that PIA would wholeheartedly be engaged in helping and serving Pakistanis.


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