romania work visa for pakistanis
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Romania Work VISA for Pakistanis

Romania, a European Union (EU) member, has emerged as an attractive vacation spot for individuals searching for employment possibilities overseas. With its exceptional weather, pleasant locals, and affordable price of residing, Romania offers appealing surroundings for building a hit career. In this journey, foreign nationals must acquire a Romanian painting VISA. Romania Work VISA for Pakistanis, Romania poses a danger to paintings in Europe, with a noticeably straightforward VISA method in comparison to different EU nations.

Types of Romanian Work VISAS for Pakistanis

1. Employment VISA (Type D/AM): For those securing a job with a Romanian employer.

2. Secondment VISA (Type D/DT): For employees sent to Romania by a foreign company for a specific period.

3. Self-employed VISA (Type D/AF): For those venturing into entrepreneurship or freelancing in Romania.

Romania Work VISA for Pakistanis Basic Requirements:

Romania Work VISA for Pakistanis

Employment Contract: A signed and valid employment agreement with a Romanian company.

1. Valid Passport: Pakistani passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the VISA application date.

2. Application Form: Completed and signed application form.

3. Health Insurance: Valid for the entire duration of your stay in Romania.

4. Criminal Record Certificate: From the Pakistani government, proving no involvement in criminal activities.

5. Proof of Accommodation: Lease agreement or a letter from a host in Romania confirming accommodation.

6. Financial Sustenance: Demonstrate adequate funds to support yourself in Romania, especially before employment starts.

7. Medical Examination Certificate: Requirements vary; check with the Romanian consulate.

8. Employer Authorization: The Romanian company must obtain employment authorization.

9. Two Passport-sized Photos: Recent, adhering to specific dimensions and quality.

10. Educational and Professional Certificates: Copies of qualifications, depending on the job.

11. Letter of Intent: Personal statement detailing the purpose and duration of your stay.

The procedure of Application to Romania Work VISA for Pakistanis:

1. Job Approval from Romanian Authorities: The Romanian company secures employment approval from the Romanian Office for Immigration.

2. Submission of Documents: Applicant submits documents, including employment approval, to the Romanian Embassy or Consulate in Pakistan.

3. VISA Fee Payment: Payment of a fee (€120) following embassy/consulate guidelines.

4. Interview: In-person interview if deemed necessary.

5. VISA Approval: Upon approval, the applicant collects the VISA from the embassy or consulate.

Romania Work VISA for Pakistanis

Duration & Validity:

The Romania Work VISA typically allows a stay of up to 120 days with single or multiple entry provisions. Upon arrival, Pakistanis must promptly apply for a residence permit, primarily determined by the employment contract, usually issued for a year and renewable.

Benefits of Working in Romania:

1. Competitive Salary Packages: Romania’s growing economy offers competitive salary packages, especially in IT, finance, and engineering.

2. Cultural Experience: Immerse in Romania’s rich cultural heritage, from traditional festivals to a vibrant modern art scene.

3. Gateway to Europe: Romania’s EU membership is a launching pad for professional opportunities in broader Europe.

Recognition of Pakistani Qualifications in Romania:

 Romania Work VISA for Pakistanis

1. Degree Equivalence: Higher academic degrees can be submitted for equivalence certification.

2. Professional Qualifications: Validation may be required for professions like medicine, engineering, and law.

3. Skills and Certifications: Some skills may require additional certification in Romania.

Recommendation: Get educational documents attested by relevant bodies in Pakistan, such as the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

Family Reunification on a Romania Work VISA for Pakistanis:

Those with a Romania Work VISA for Pakistani can bring family members. The process involves proving financial capability, adequate housing, separate VISA applications for each family member, and obtaining comprehensive health insurance.

Romania Work VISA for Pakistanis

Quotas for Work VISAS in Romania:

Romania sets an annual quota for foreign workers, not country-specific. Timely application submission is crucial as the quota is filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Switching Jobs on a Romanian Work VISA:

Switching jobs is allowed but involves notifying immigration authorities, Romania Work VISA for Pakistanis obtaining a new work permit, adjusting the current VISA, and avoiding illegal work during transitions.

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