Get Umrah Permit via Nusuk App
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How to get Umrah Permit via Nusuk App?

In the realm of modern pilgrimage facilitation, the Nusuk App emerges as a beacon of technological innovation, poised to redefine the way Muslims around the world start on their spiritual journeys, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has taken a significant step towards enhancing the pilgrimage experience for Muslims worldwide. This endeavor has led to the creation of an innovative electronic platform known as the Nusuk App. Designed to revolutionize the process of pilgrimage, this application has become the new beacon guiding pilgrims on their spiritual journey to the revered cities of Makkah and Madinah, and beyond.

Introducing the Nusuk App

Nusuk App

The Nusuk App is not merely an application; it’s a gateway to a seamless pilgrimage experience. With an aim to simplify and streamline the journey of millions of pilgrims, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah introduced this integrated electronic platform. Through the Nusuk App, pilgrims can now start on a hassle-free journey to the holy cities, and even explore religious and historical sites across Saudi Arabia.

Nusuk App’s Latest Strides

In a recent development, the Saudi Tourism Authority has extended the benefits of the Nusuk App beyond its borders. An agreement between Islamabad and Riyadh has paved the way for the launch of the Nusuk App in Pakistan. This strategic move not only enhances flight connectivity between the two nations but also promotes tourism. Now, Pakistani pilgrims can conveniently utilize the Nusuk App to facilitate their Umrah journeys and travel experiences within the Kingdom.

The Essence of the Nusuk App

Positioned as the successor to the Eatmarna App, the Nusuk App encompasses an integrated and unified approach. This novel application serves as a digital portal through which pilgrims can obtain their visit and Umrah visas. Moreover, it goes beyond visa services, enabling pilgrims to organize visits to significant religious and historical landmarks in Saudi Arabia.

The Transition and Advantages

The transition from the Eatmarna App to the Nusuk App stems from the remarkable success of the former. The Saudi authorities, inspired by the achievements of the Tawakkalna and Eatmarna Apps, decided to amalgamate their features into a single, comprehensive platform. This convergence brings together the strengths of these applications while introducing novel features to enhance the user experience.

Features in Nusuk

Features in Nusuk

The Nusuk App comes brimming with features designed to facilitate pilgrims at every step of their journey:

  • Electronic Issuance of Umrah Visa: The Nusuk App simplifies the process of obtaining an Umrah visa, reducing bureaucratic complexities.
  • International Pilgrim Arrivals: The Nusuk App expedites the arrival of pilgrims from across the globe, ensuring a seamless entry process.
  • Comprehensive Travel Services: Offering travel information and transportation services, the app acts as a one-stop solution for pilgrims’ travel needs.
  • Umrah Permit Reservations: Pilgrims can effortlessly secure their Umrah permits through the app, streamlining the booking process.
  • Digital Pilgrim Guide: With instructions available in multiple languages, the app offers a digital guide to assist pilgrims.
  • Hotel and Flight Booking: The Nusuk App enables users to book hotels and flights, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Booking an Umrah permit through the Nusuk App is a straightforward process that involves a few simple steps:

  • Account Creation: After downloading the app, users need to create an account by providing the necessary details and agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  • Umrah Permit Booking: Once registered, users can log in and select the Umrah service. They can choose the desired date and time slot for their pilgrimage, with color-coded indications for crowd levels.
  • Companion Registration: Pilgrims seeking permits for companions can easily add them by providing necessary information and relevant identification.

Accessing the Nusuk App

For those interested in experiencing the convenience of the Nusuk App, it’s readily available for download on both the App Store and Play Store.

Nusuk App and Hajj

While the Nusuk App has transformed the Umrah experience, it’s important to note that it is not currently available for Hajj bookings. Nevertheless, the Nusuk Hajj platform allows pilgrims from 58 countries to register for Hajj, marking another significant step in the direction of technological advancement and convenience.

In conclusion, the Nusuk App stands as a testament to Saudi Arabia’s commitment to enhancing the pilgrimage experience. By integrating advanced technology with the spiritual journey, this application paves the way for a more seamless, organized, and accessible pilgrimage for Muslims around the world. As pilgrims embrace the Nusuk App, they start on a transformative journey that intertwines faith with modernity.


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