What is an Umrah Permit? How to get one?
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What is an Umrah permit? How to get one?

The Umrah permit stands as a crucial document for all pilgrims seeking to start on the sacred journey of Umrah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This permit serves as the gateway to the spiritual realms of the Grand Mosque and the Noble Rawdah, enabling pilgrims to partake in the cherished rituals of Umrah. The Umrah is a sacred journey undertaken by devout Muslims to seek blessings and favor from Almighty Allah. As a non-compulsory pilgrimage, Umrah holds immense spiritual significance for those who have the means to embark on this journey. However, before setting foot in the holy land of Saudi Arabia, aspiring pilgrims need to secure an essential document known as the Umrah permit. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the latest updates, regulations, prerequisites, and the process of obtaining the Umrah permit for the year 2023.

Umrah Permit News

Saudi Arabia, recognizing the importance of seamless pilgrimage experiences, has introduced a new electronic platform to facilitate Umrah permit issuance for the upcoming Islamic holy month of Ramadan. Pilgrims aiming to perform Umrah during Ramadan are strongly advised by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah to apply through the Nusuk portal. This innovative platform allows applicants to not only secure their Umrah permits but also to make necessary travel arrangements and acquire relevant visas. Notably, the new policy permits religious tourists to use any international airport in the kingdom for their arrivals and departures, streamlining the pilgrimage process for greater convenience.

The government has also mandated that all airlines, including private aviation services within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, must accommodate Umrah pilgrims on scheduled flights through any of the country’s international airports. This initiative ensures a hassle-free entry and exit process for pilgrims partaking in Umrah.

What is an Umrah Permit?

Umrah Permit

The Umrah permit, powered by the Nusuk app, is a digital authorization that grants pilgrims access to the Grand Mosque, the Noble Rawdah, and the opportunity to fulfill the rituals of Umrah. Issuance of this permit hinges on specific criteria, closely tied to the type of Umrah visa held by individual pilgrims.

Who Needs to Submit an Umrah Permit Application?

Simply put, any individual aspiring to perform the minor pilgrimage must initiate the Umrah permit application process. This applies universally, including to Saudi residents and citizens. Even those with close ties to the country must adhere to the Umrah permit requirement.

Umrah Permit for Saudi Residents

Saudi residents and citizens, despite their familiarity with the land, are not exempt from the Umrah permit mandate. To obtain the permit, their information must be up-to-date on the Absher application. Additionally, having received both doses of a Saudi Arabia-approved COVID-19 vaccine is a prerequisite.

Umrah Permit for Visitors/Visit Visa Holders

For visitors holding Umrah, tourism, or work visas, registration on the Muqeem platform is essential, at least 72 hours before arriving in Saudi Arabia. Once on Saudi soil, these visa holders must proceed to register on the Nusuk app to secure their Umrah permit.

Umrah Permit App: Nusuk Ap

umrah permit app nusuk app June 2024

The Nusuk app stands as the gateway to acquiring the Umrah permit. This app not only facilitates the electronic issuance of Umrah visas but also offers services such as transportation, travel coordination, and updates on cultural events. Pilgrims can reserve their desired packages, access digital guides in multiple languages, and manage their accommodations and flights through this user-friendly app.

Umrah Permit Rules

Although the COVID-19 vaccination requirement has been relaxed, it is advisable for pilgrims to consult their Umrah operator/agency for the latest vaccination guidelines. Ensuring a safe and seamless pilgrimage journey remains a priority.

Keep in mind that the Umrah permit stands subject to cancellation under certain circumstances:

  • If the individual is infected with COVID-19.
  • If the individual has been in contact with an infected person.
  • If the visa holder fails to enter Saudi Arabia within 6 hours of the Umrah booking date.

In conclusion, the Umrah permit is a vital document that paves the way for a spiritually enriching journey to the holy land.


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