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Virtual Wayfarer of Bahawalpur

In the scorching summer of July in the middle of the road a man asked me the way to the Cholistan. As expected on asking he told me that he is a virtual wayfarer. I was pleased to meet a guy like him as I have never met anyone like him before. So, I offered him to have a cup of tea in a nearby restaurant and have some discussion to which he agreed. He told me that he travels around Pakistan on foot. 

While having tea he discussed some of his thrilling experiences by walking on foot to distant locations, he told me that he was planning to walk to the Cholistan on foot. He further told me that he had traveled to different locations before including Mohenjo Daro, Harappa, Ayubia. Recently, according to him, he’s been to Lal Suhanra. 

When I asked him what’s the purpose of traveling on foot? He said that when you travel by car you cannot explore the towns or places. While on foot you meet different kinds of people from whom you learn different things. You find different spots as he told me about Kashmir point in Khan spur, Ayubia. Kashmir point is an elevated place with an open view of the snowy mountains of Kashmir. 

He also told that he has a hobby of collecting coins and he collected many in Mohenjo Daro and Harappa. In addition, to finding coins there are dozens of sellers everywhere who sell coins. He sits with them to have some more knowledge about coins. The sellers also exchange some coins if they like in your collection. 

I asked him regarding his shelter, where he lives on reaching such destinations. He told me that he carries quite an amount of money and stays in the hotel as long as his stay in that area. After that using his whole map of Pakistan, he travels to his next destination with his backpack, which contains food, water bottles, a box of his coins collection and a lot of other stuff. 

Lastly, after having a good conversation for 1 hour he left for his journey to the Cholistan. 



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