Australia 476 visa guide
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Australia 476 VISA Subclass Skilled Recognised Graduate

 Getting on an expert adventure after graduating from Australia is a thrilling prospect. However, for those searching for more than a student VISA, the Australia 476 VISA Skilled Recognised Graduate VISA opens doorways to an international of opportunities. This VISA, tailored for engineering graduates, serves as a bridge to work, live, and observe in Australia.

Australia 476 VISA

Understanding the Australia 476 VISA:

The Skilled Recognised Graduate VISA (Subclass 476) is specially designed for current engineering graduates. This VISA lets people live in Australia for a particular period, offering a platform for professional development. To qualify, an applicant needs to maintain a diploma from a recognised organization.

Document Checklist for Australia 476 VISA :

To efficiently practice for the 476 VISA, assembling a comprehensive set of files is vital:

  • Passport and Identification Documents: Copies of passport information pages and further identification documents.
  • Qualification Documents: Transcripts and a final touch letter verifying the engineering degree from an authorized group.
  • English Language Proficiency: Proof of proficiency in English through identified language tests.
  • Character Documents: Documents verifying desirable man or woman, which include forms 956 or 956a.
  • For Applicants with Partners and Dependents: Additional files, consisting of identity, marriage papers, proof of dating for partners, and delivery certificates for dependents.

Who Can Apply for Australia 476 VISA?

You are eligible to apply for the 476 VISA if:

  • You are under 31 years of age.
  • Hold an engineering degree from a diagnosed organization.
  • Completed the degree within the closing two years.

Applicants are ineligible if they formerly held a temporary graduate VISA (485) or a professional graduate VISA (476) until they became a family member.

Australia 476 VISA

Acceptable Universities for a 476 VISA:

To meet the standards for a 476 VISA, a graduate ought to have completed their engineering diploma at a group permitted underneath the Washington Accord. The Department of Home Affairs also recognises specific global universities listed in the provided data.

Australia 476 VISA

English Requirements:

Proficiency in English is an essential issue of the software. Acceptable rankings in assessments like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, OET, or Cambridge C1 Advanced are required. However, residents of certain countries are exempt from this requirement.

How to apply for a Skilled VISA 476?

Applying online through ImmiAccount is the number one method. Scanned copies of the important files need to be submitted together with the VISA payment for the application to be processed.

VISA Cost:

The utility charge for a 476 VISA is AUD 410. Additional prices are observed for family members covered inside the utility.

Process of 476 VISA:

Processing instances for a 476 VISA can take at least a year, with a few packages probably exceeding 17 months. Delays may additionally arise if documents need to be completed or responses to inquiries are delayed.

Australia 476 VISA

VISA 476 Validity:

The 476 VISA is valid for 18 months from the date of trouble. No extensions are allowed.

VISA Extending:

No, the 476 VISA can not be prolonged. However, an alternative VISAS can be pursued for a continued stay.

Australia 476 VISA 4 June 2024

Can I Bring My Family Members on 476 VISA?

Yes, eligible own-family participants such as spouses and youngsters may be blanketed within the software.

Travel With 476 VISA?

Yes, travel is permitted as long as the VISA is legitimate.

Converting 476 VISA to PR in Australia:

To expand your stay in Australia after the 476 VISA expires, applying for another work VISA, like a nation-nominated VISA, is a choice. Bridging VISAS is necessary if the new VISA processing extends beyond the expiration of the 476 VISA.

Skilled Recognised Graduate VISA – An Overview

The Australia 476 VISA serves as a temporary VISA for recent engineering graduates, imparting a pathway to permanent residency or a provisional professional VISA. Key benefits include the potential to stay, look at, and work in Australia for as much as 18 months.

Australia 476 VISA


To qualify for a Skilled Recognised Graduate VISA, certain requirements should be met:

  • Age: 31 years or younger
  • Engineering Qualification: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral, or Postgraduate Diploma
  • Major Sequence of Study: Specific engineering disciplines
  • Eligible Institutes: Institutions accredited beneath the Washington Accord or specific global universities.

Health and Character Requirements:

Applicants must undergo health examinations, and man or woman requirements necessitate police certificates proving a smooth record.

English Language Requirements:

Proficiency in English is a should, and in particular, take a look at scores that are required until exempt based totally on the applicant’s nationality.

Family Members:

Family members are eligible for inclusion in the utility, encompassing spouses and youngsters. In the end, The Australia 476 VISA Subclass Skilled Recognised Graduate isn’t only a VISA; it is a gateway to expert growth in one of the most dynamic countries globally. While the procedure demands careful attention to elements, the possibilities it opens up for engineering graduates are unheard of. So, if you’re ready to take the next step in your career, the Australia 476 VISA would possibly simply be the important thing to unlocking a global of opportunities Down Under.

Australia 476 VISA 6 June 2024


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