Rana Sana-u-llah with Iraq's minister as Pakistan and Iraq to start a fairy service

Pakistan and Iraq to launch a ferry service for Zaireen

Pakistan and Iraq have decided to open a ferry service between Basra and Karachi to help Pakistani pilgrims heading to Iraq.

The agreement was reached Thursday at a meeting between Interior Minister Rana, Sanaullah and Iraqi Ambassador, Hamid Abbas Lafta.

This year, he signed the Pakistani-Iraqi Pilgrimage Agreement and decided to grant VISA quotas to Pakistani pilgrims bound for Iraq Ziyarats.

Efforts have been made to adequately strengthen ports and the maritime sector. He added that people will enjoy safe travel for religious and general purposes. In response to a question, officials said that two more ships would be purchased to improve trading activity in the region. said it was.

He said the commission had been set up to ensure a transparent procurement of more vessels and a recommendation process in this regard would be completed shortly.

In his speech, the interior minister thanked the Iraqi government for granting VISA to 60,000 Pakistani pilgrims this year for Arbaeen Hazrat Imam Hussain (Chehlam).

The interior minister stressed the need to sign the pilgrimage agreement as soon as possible, saying that millions of pilgrims visit Karbala, Najaf, and Baghdad every year and that the agreement will provide them with the best conditions.

Pakistan and Iraq have agreed to open a ferry service to zaireen. The Ambassador of Iraq said that “historically friendly and stable relations have developed between Pakistan and Iraq”. He said the agreement will expand and strengthen bilateral ties between the two countries and provide the best possible VISA conditions for visitors from Pakistan.


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