Pakistani Govt. announces Rs. 97000 refunds for hajj pilgrims
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Pakistani Government Announces Rs. 97,000 Refunds for Hajj Pilgrims

ISLAMABAD: In a momentous effort to extend support and facilitate the sacred journey of the Hajj pilgrims who engaged in the 2023 pilgrimage under the official scheme, the Pakistani government has taken a crucial step by announcing Rs.97,000 refunds for Hajj pilgrims. The Ministry of Religious Affairs spokesperson revealed the government’s disbursement of funds to banks to start the refund process, which is scheduled to start in the coming week. Here are the salient features concerning the refunds of the government to enhance accessibility to the Hajj pilgrimage:

Refund Policy for Hajj Pilgrims:

The government has taken significant steps to ensure that every Hajj pilgrim receives a fair refund for services and accommodations not received during the pilgrimage. Depending on their specific circumstances, each pilgrim who participated in the official scheme will be entitled to a refund ranging from Rs97,000 to Rs132,000.

Special Additional Refunds:

In addition to the Rs.97,000 refund, certain groups of pilgrims will receive extra compensation. Those who stayed outside the central Madinah will receive an additional refund of Rs14,000, and those who did not use train services will also get a refund of Rs21,000.

Previous Refunds and Total Amount:

Before this announcement, the government had already refunded Rs55,000 to each pilgrim for expenses related to sacrificial animals, bringing the total refund amount to an expected Rs16 billion.

Efforts to Reduce Hajj Expenses:

The government’s crusade to refund the surplus fees is an essential part of its unwavering commitment to render the Hajj pilgrimage more economically feasible for the pilgrims. Assuming prudent fiscal measures, the previous cost of Hajj, which stood at $5,000 per pilgrim, has been deflated to a mere $3,500 this year. The objective remains to further curtail the Hajj expenses, thereby making it attainable to a substantially larger cohort of citizens.

Saudi Arabia’s Allotment and Age Limit:

In the year 2023, Saudi Arabia reinstated Pakistan’s pre-pandemic Hajj allotment of 179,210 pilgrims, with approximately 160,000 Pakistani pilgrims performing the sacred pilgrimage. Moreover, the upper age threshold of 65 for Hajj pilgrims was summarily rescinded in January, paving the way for the expanded participation of individuals in this sacred sojourn.

Positive Feedback on Hajj Arrangements:

Antecedently, the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony was apprised of the Ministry of Religious Affairs’ plan to refund up to Rs185,000 to each pilgrim who had undertaken the Hajj journey under the support of the government scheme.

The committee extolled the endeavors of the Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, Senator Muhammad Talha Mahmood, for ensuring the seamless execution of the Hajj pilgrimage. Its members expressed optimistic anticipation that such affirmative practices and endeavors would endure, perpetually conferring benefits upon future pilgrims.

Projections for Future Hajj Undertakings:

The Pakistani government is presently in the throes of making elaborate arrangements for the forthcoming Hajj pilgrimage. Armed with prescient insight into the Hajj allotment for 2024, the government is resolute in its quest to explore cost-efficient travel alternatives, both by land and sea. This perspicacious approach is poised to accentuate the affordability of Hajj for future pilgrims.

The determination of the Pakistani government to restitute excessive fees to Hajj pilgrims stands as an absolute testament to its unwavering resolve to facilitate and support the pilgrims on their spiritual odyssey. By adopting prudent measures to curtail Hajj expenditures and ensuring the seamless orchestration of arrangements, the government is responsible for its dedication to bestow upon a wider populace the opportunity to partake in the Hajj pilgrimage. The disbursement of refunds shall bring succor to those pilgrims who encountered certain constraints during their Hajj, allowing them to cherish their spiritual stay with remarkable ease and serenity.

1. Are there additional refunds for certain groups of pilgrims?

Yes, the government has decided to provide additional refunds. Pilgrims who stayed outside the central Madinah will receive an extra amount of Rs. 14,000, and those who did not receive train services will get a refund of Rs. 21,000.

2. Who is eligible for the refund?

All Hajj pilgrims who participated in the 2023 pilgrimage under the official scheme are eligible for a refund of Rs. 97,000.

3. What is the total expected refund amount?

The total expected refund amount is an impressive Rs. 16 billion.

4. How much will the refund be for each pilgrim?

The refund amount varies and ranges from Rs. 97,000 to Rs. 132,000, depending on the specific circumstances of each pilgrim.


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