ziarat visa for iraq
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Ziarat VISA for Iraq

The wealthy cultural tapestry of Iraq, especially for Ziarat, demands a nuanced understanding of VISA intricacies. The Iraqi VISA system encompasses diverse categories catering to exceptional purposes, each with its own set of policies and requirements. In this comprehensive guide, we can delve into the specifics of the Ziarat VISA for Iraq, shedding light on the numerous options. Ziarat VISA for Iraq This VISA is issued solely for religious pilgrimage purposes to visit holy sites in Iraq, primarily Najaf and Karbala.

Understanding the VISA Categories:

Ziarat visa for Iraq

1. Visit or Tourism VISA

  • Duration: One month live within 3 months from the date of provide.
  • Purpose: For touring travelers and relic websites.
  • Ziarat VISA for Iraq, issued for religious occasions or visits to holy websites, extends for one month from the date of supply.

2. Normal VISA

  • Duration: Three months validity, allowing a stay of up to three months.
  • Procedure: Must register at the Directorate of Residence within ten days of arrival.

3. Political VISA

  • Eligibility: Officials in different countries on reliable missions, diplomatic, international, nearby, and Arab assignment workers.

4. Service VISA

  • Criteria: Holders of provider passports based totally on authentic memorandum via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

5. Transit VISA

  • Validity: Ziarat VISA for Iraq Allows entry once within three months for a residence no longer exceeding seven days.

6. Non-Stop Transit VISA

  • Usage: Permits transit via Iraqi territory without preventing within 3 months from the date of grant.

7. Urgent VISA

  • Issuance: Granted at border crossing factors to foreigners arriving without a VISA beneath approving occasions.

8. Multi-VISA

  • Options: Valid for three months, six months, or 365 days, issued to assembly prison conditions.
  • Requirements for Ziarat VISA for Iraq

 Ziarat VISA for Iraq request method:

Passport Validity: Minimum six months validity.

VISA Application: Submission of a completed Ziarat VISA for Iraq application shape with two pix.

Financial Capability: Ability to cover the value of residing throughout life in Iraq.

Security Clearance: No objection preventing entry from concerning public health, safety, morals, or the country-wide economic system.

Purpose of Visit: A convincing motive for the visit, aligning with the VISA kind.

Criminal Record: No accusations or convictions of crimes out of doors, Iraq.

Accommodation Details: Full cope with where the man or woman will stay in Iraq.

Exit Records: No order of deportation from Iraq.

VISA Issuance Instructions:

Ziarat visa for Iraq
  • Verify statistics in the utility shape, specializing in passport validity.
  • Record information in the VISA document.
  • Ensure readability in handwriting, preferably the usage of electronic printing.
  • The VISA must be signed with the aid of the consul and stamped with the consulate seal.
  • Fee collection by the kind of VISA.
  • General Notes.
  • Banning to go into Iraq because of precise reasons calls for coming near the Iraqi government for rationalization.
  • Health certificates wanted for children under fifteen, proving polio vaccination.
  • Exception for Arabs married to Iraqis.
  • Allowance for Arab and overseas nationals who have resided lawfully in Iraq.

Iraq VISA Rules:

  • If an access VISA for Iraq is issued to children below the age of fifteen, a health certificate to show a minimum of five doses of oral polio vaccine is needed.
  • All site visitors except for folks who are visiting with a traveler VISA to Iraq ought to have blood exams for HIV and hepatitis within 10 days following their arrival. The test will be performed again and again every 90 days throughout your life.
  • Certain nationals are banned from entry to Iraq. It applies to residents of Bangladesh and Israel. Nevertheless, the regulations are no longer practiced in Iraqi Kurdistan.
  • It’s essential to remember that a few airlines ask for a VISA for Iraq in the course of transit. Therefore, make sure to check together with your Airway’s enterprise before making plans for your journey.
  • Also, access necessities might also be exchanged primarily based on decisions of the Iraqi government, and it is strongly counseled to have strong statistics from the local Iraqi diplomatic missions to your use of a house.

An urgent VISA is granted based on the residence officer’s discretion:

  • Correspondence associated with foreign diplomats’ VISAS is directed to the Protocol Department.
  • Mentioning the wide variety and date of the Residency Directorate’s letter whilst a VISA is granted.
  • Expired VISAS aren’t extendable, but exceptions may be made in positive cases.
  • This complete guide serves as your passport to navigating the intricacies of Ziarat VISAS for Iraq. Whether you are attracted to ancient wonders or religious occasions, knowledge of the VISA panorama is critical for a seamless and enriching adventure.


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