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Umrah Guide: How to Perform Umrah

A step by step guide to performing an Umrah

Muslims around the world love to perform Umrah and Hajj. Pakistani Muslims are no exception. Before the pandemic, it was quite simple to perform Umah. However, the pandemic has posed many challenges. As is well-known, the Hajj journey is one of the Five pillars of Islam. Earlier to the widespread, millions of Muslims travel to Mecca from around the world to visit the Mosque of Mecca, aka Masjid Al-Haram, and perform different devout customs and devotion. However, in expansion to this Ibāda (an act of revere), there’s also the Umrah or the “minor Hajj,” which similarly necessitates Muslims to create their way to the Heavenly City and total a set of ceremonies. We will seek to guide you step by step through the whole journey of the Umrah.


A passport is essential to travel abroad. To get the passport, you only need to visit the nearest passport office with certain documents: the CNIC, MATRICULATION result card, etc. Afterward, you submit the fee, which differs with each category. After you submit the fee, you will receive a message about the readiness of your passport.

Get a visa stamped on your passport:

You can get a visa stamped on your website by simply visiting the KSA’s embassy or visiting the website. If you feel reluctant, you can also consult any certified traveling agent to get a visa stamped on your passport. Once your visa is stamped, you are ready to travel.

Requirement of Vaccine of the COVID-19:

The Saudi Service of Hajj and Umrah has expressed that the kingdom will permit travelers who have been inoculated against COVID-19 or have recouped from coronavirus to set out on the journey into the Masjid Al-Haram in Mecca and the Prophet’s (Peace Be Upon Him) Mosque in Medina. Within the case of remote travelers, Umrah visas will, as it was, be issued to completely immunized people.

An individual’s inoculation status will have to be enrolled on Saudi Arabia’s COVID-19 app, Tawakkalna, and the Umrah app Eatmarna. The Tawakkalna and Eatmarna apps are the as it were official entrances authorized to issue honest-to-goodness grants, and the specialists have cautioned the open to dodge shady websites and fill out false shapes.

Which Vaccines is KSA accepting as valid for Umrah?

Although, initially, Chinese Vaccines were not accepted as valid in KSA. Being inoculated with the Chinese vaccines, the majority of Pakistanis felt at a loss. Keeping in view the concerns of Pakistanis, the KSA allowed Sino Vac for Pakistanis.

What are the rules for Pakistani travelers?

To begin with and first, Pakistani pioneers must be completely inoculated against COVID-19 with total measurements of either Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, or J&J. Total dosages of China’s antibodies with a booster shot of either Pfizer, Moderna, Sino Vac, AstraZeneca, or J&J. Age 18 and over will be permitted.

For Pakistani pioneers permitted to enter the kingdom and perform the Umrah this year, the Service of Hajj and Umrah has laid out particular rules and rules to be taken after, as follows:

  • Pilgrims are required to visit a care center in Makkah at the slightest six hours sometime recently performing Umrah. This will permit the specialists to check their immunization status, agreeing to the sort of affirmed vaccines. Pilgrims are required to visit a care center in Makkah at the slightest six hours sometimes, recently performing Umrah. This will permit the specialists to check their immunization status, agreeing to the sort of affirmed immunizations.
  • Pilgrims will, at that point, be given their bracelets and are required to wear them. They will, at that point, be introduced to the Al-Shubaikha gathering center, where they must show their bracelets so that information and licenses can be properly confirmed.

Buy a traveling ticket:

Once you are done with the passport, visa, and vaccine, you need to perform the last step. After buying the traveling ticket of any airline, you are all set to travel. The ticket can be bought either online or through a traveling agent.

Take some money with you to buy ‘Taburkaat’ and for subsistence:

The pilgrims are highly advised to take money with them. It would help them in their subsistence. Also, since people in Pakistan anxiously wait for the Tabburkaats, money would help them buy some of them. That’s why it is highly recommended to take some money.

What is Umrah?

Umrah is an Islamic pilgrimage and is, in brief, an act of worship of Allah (SWT). It is based on the lessons of the Holy Prophet, Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), and his Sunnah. The journey could be a visit to the House of Allah (SWT) and can be carried out any time of the year. It is known as a ‘minor pilgrimage’ in comparison to the ‘greater pilgrimage’ of Hajj. However, it holds awesome esteem and ethicalness within the eyes of Allah (SWT). Certain acts are performed in order to accomplish the pilgrimage of Umrah. We’d look into these acts, which are essential to perform Umrah.

1. Ihram:

Ihram is basically making the formal ‘intention’ of performing the Umrah. In order to enter the crease of Ihram, the person must alter the dress and take a legitimate shower (ghusl) which exhibits an act of washing absent all ninjas (dirt). Men wear two clothes, Ridaa and Izaar, though ladies can wear any frame of clothing which covers the body and head. Ladies who are menstruating or encountering postnatal bleeding are moreover encouraged to perform ghusl.

Upon taking a bath( ghusl), the individual should perform the obligatory prayers (Faraz namaz) or offer two Rakat of Sunnah prayers. Once you are done with prayers, you should face the direction of the Qibla and officially enter Ihram – the individual must enter Ihram before he/she leaves for the Meeqat in Makkah. Any products carrying scents are strictly prohibited while a person is in his/her Ihram.

At the Meeqat, the pilgrim must make the intention and recite the following words repeatedly:

“Labbayk Allaahumma bi ‘Umrah” (Here I am, O Allah, for ‘Umrah)

2. Niyaat

The Niyyah for Umrah ought to be made at the Miqat or near it as you move in its course. In a perfect world, you ought to delay making the deliberate until the final minute, so you aren’t confined by its forbiddances for longer than required. It is prescribed (Mustahabb) that you simply make the purpose verbally, as well as emphasize it inside.

Following are three illustrations of eagerly that will be expressed in Arabic:

بَّيْكَ اللَّهُمَّ عُمْرَةً

3. Tawaf

Tawaf is strolling around Kaaba seven times -in an expressway- with a specific supplication. It is the foremost crucial commitment of the Umrah and journey and without which both Umrah and journey are incomplete. Ibn Abbas detailed that Allah’s Delivery person (PBUH) said that each day, Allah showers one hundred and twenty folds of His leniency on His hires who visit Allah’s domestic and perform Hajj and Umrah. Fair sixty folds of these are particularly for those individuals who perform Tawaf in a specific way, forty folds are for those who implore at Kaaba, and twenty folds for those who see at the Kaaba.

Tawaf is strolling around Kaaba- amid Umrah and journey- seven times in a counterclockwise heading. Tawaf is accepted to be a basic portion since it shows the solidarity of Allah’s devotees and workers from distinctive parts of the world who come to His house to worship. They all revere their one God in solidarity and concordance and stroll in rounds together, appearing to Allah their firm belief in Him with the assistance of their total appeal towards him. It is numerous times confused that Muslims are there to adore the Kaaba. On the opposite, Muslims are there to revere their one God in unity and harmony, and this is often the genuine reason for Tawaf.

4. Sayee

Sayee means walking from Safa to Marwah and back seven times. In this way, the walk starts at Safa and closes at Marwah. Beginning from Safa, one ought to walk to Marwah, and this constitutes one walk, from Marwah back to Safa the moment and so on up to seven strolls at long last finishing at Marwah. It is the fourth obligatory act of the Hajj and Umrah. In case it is excluded intentionally, it causes the Hajj to be void, notwithstanding whether one knows whether this runs the show or not. Sayee must be performed after Tawaf and its supplications. Amid Sayee, it is vital to confront the heading one is going towards; else, it gets to be invalid. But there’s no hurt in turning a bit on either side. Sayee and its supplication must not be deferred after Tawaf without a substantial reason. All things considered, in case of extreme warmth or tiredness, it can be put off till sunset but not until another day.

5. Shaving the head/ Halaq

This hone of shaving or clipping the hair is asserted by the Qur’an, the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Sunnah implies the doings of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Anything our Cherished Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) did in his life is Sunnah for others to follow. Also, by shaving off one’s hair, one illustrates one’s truthfulness, lowliness, and Unity to Allah without caring for one’s physical appearance.


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