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Latest Pakistan Ramadan Calendar 2024

Ramadan in Pakistan has just been announced, and the first fast is on the 23rd of March, 2023. While people are excited about the month of Ramadan, they’re also looking for a calendar that helps them with Sehar and Iftar timings. We’ve created one for you and hope that’d prove helpful in this regard. Have a great Ramadan!

729/03/2023Wednesday4:35 6:29
830/03/2023Thursday4:33 6:30
931/03/2023Friday4:32 6:31
1001/04/2023Saturday4:30 6:31
1203/04/2023 Monday4:27 6:33
1304/04/2023 Tuesday4:26 6:34
1405/04/2023 Wednesday4:24 6:35
1506/04/2023 Thursday4:23 6:36
1607/04/2023 Friday4:21 6:37
1708/04/2023 Saturday4:20 6:37
1809/04/2023 Sunday4:19 6:38
1910/04/2023 Monday4:17 6:39
2011/04/2023 Tuesday4:16 6:40
2112/04/2023 Wednesday4:14 6:40
2213/04/2023 Thursday4:13 6:41
2314/04/2023 Friday4:11 6:42
2415/04/2023 Saturday4:10 6:43
2516/04/2023 Sunday4:08 6:43
2617/04/2023 Monday4:07 6:44
2718/04/2023 Tuesday4:05 6:45
2819/04/2023 Wednesday4:04 6:46
2920/04/2023 Thursday4:02 6:46
Do not just live Ramadan with an empty stomach live it fully with patience, forgiveness, kindness, and love around you.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims around the world. It is considered the most sacred month in the Islamic Hijri calendar. Muslims believe the archangel Gabriel descended from the heavens this month and revealed the Message to the Prophet Muhammad.

During Ramadan, Muslims are required to elevate their spiritual and physical submission to God through fasting. This means that Muslims must abstain from eating, drinking, smoking, and intimacy with their partners from dawn until sunset. This practice is meant to help Muslims become more spiritually aware and develop self-discipline.

Ramadan in Pakistan?

Ramadan 2023 will begin on Thursday, March 23, in Pakistan and is expected to end on Friday, April 21, with the Eid al-Fitr festival. However, the exact date of the start of Ramadan is determined by a moon-sighting committee consisting of religious scholars, astronomers, and other authorities who observe certain sightings related to the appearance and cycle of the new crescent moon. This committee determines the start of Ramadan by observing the moon under cover of the night.

During Ramadan in Pakistan, Muslims observe the practices of self-restraint and self-discipline. Although it is common to carry on with day-to-day routines during the daytime, schools, colleges, and offices start early and close in the early afternoon to leave enough time for prayers and iftar, the evening meal that breaks the fast.

Mosques arrange Taraweeh congregational prayers and recitations of the Holy Quran to immerse people in devotion. Men pray in mosques, while women usually pray at home. During Ramadan, major cities in Pakistan turn into bustling places that never sleep, with people enjoying their time out and about after the Maghrib prayers. Even restaurants rearrange their schedules to accommodate the beginning and end of each fast.


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