Temporary work visa for Saudi Arabia
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New Temporary Work Visa System in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has launched a new initiative that allows businesses to issue a temporary work visa to employees without any required documents, according to a statement by the labour portal, Qiwa. The visa enables the holder to work for a specific period without needing a work permit and residency. The visa is issued immediately upon application through the Qiwa platform, allowing the holder to start work within a short time.

Validation Of Visa:

The visa is valid for three months from the date of entry and can be extended for an additional three months, subject to specific requirements. To apply for the visa, the business owner or commissioner must submit a request through the Qiwa platform. Qiwa is an electronic platform that provides access to various services offered by the Ministry of Human Resources in the labour sector.

The new visa system comes with specific regulations that businesses must comply with. For instance, the enterprise must be active and possess a valid commercial registration. Enterprises under the same unified number must not have any expired work permits, and they must have sufficient credit in the national unified number of the enterprise in the Absher account.

Temporary work Visa:

The temporary work visa is electronic and valid for one year, providing flexibility for businesses and employees alike. To ensure that the visa holder is in compliance with the regulations, there are specific reasons for rejecting a request. These include insufficient balance in the unified number of the enterprise on Absher and rejection from the Interior Ministry.

If a cancellation request is submitted by the business owner or commissioner, the temporary work visa balance package can be cancelled, and government fees will be refunded. This feature provides businesses with greater flexibility and enables them to make changes to their employment structure as needed.

In conclusion, the new temporary work visa system in Saudi Arabia represents a significant improvement in the country’s labour sector. By removing the requirement for documents and permits, businesses can now hire employees with greater ease, and employees can work for a specific period without worrying about residency requirements. With the visa being issued immediately through the Qiwa platform, the process is simplified, allowing for quicker access to the labour market.

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