UAE Visa expand for 70 nations
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UAE Government Expands Visa-On-Arrival Eligibility for 70+ Countries

The UAE government has recently announced an update to its list of countries eligible for visas on arrival, making it easier for visitors and tourists to enter the United Arab Emirates. With a goal to reach $123 billion in tourism revenue by 2031, along with hosting 40 million hotel industry guests per year, the UAE government is keen to promote the country’s tourism industry.

According to a statement by the UAE digital government, nationals from more than 70 countries can now avail visa on arrival facilities. However, some nations still need to apply in advance to obtain a visa. The complete list of eligible countries has been released by the UAE government, outlining the required conditions and qualifications for 30-day, 90-day, and 180-day visas on arrival.

For the 30-day visa:

On arrival, nationals of many qualifying countries such as Australia, Canada, China, and the United States of America can obtain their visa on arrival. Similarly, nationals from Argentina, Austria, Brazil, and other countries can obtain a 90-day visa on arrival. Only people holding a Mexican passport are eligible for a 180-day visa on arrival. Additionally, selected Indian citizens can obtain a maximum 14-day UAE visa on arrival, provided they have a valid passport, visit visa, green card provided by the US, or residence visa issued by the EU or UK.

UAE Visa on Arrival for 30 days:

The UAE government provides the following qualifying nations 90-day visa on arrival 

• Australia

• Canada

• Hong Kong (China)

• China

• Japan

• Kazakhstan

• Malaysia

• Monaco

• Republic of Ireland

• Singapore

• United Kingdom

• Ukraine

• United States of America

• San Marino

• Mauritius

• Macau (China)

• Northern Ireland

• Vatican City

• Republic of Ireland

• New Zealand

• Brunei

• Canada 

• Andorra

If tourists or visitors require an extension on their visa, they can apply for an extension before it expires. The UAE visa-on-arrival extension fee is AED 600, and only 30-day visas can be extended for another 14 days. However, visitors can avoid the immigration queues by obtaining their visas online or on arrival.

To obtain a visa on arrival, visitors need to travel with an approved airline and provide their biometric details at the airport’s immigration office. The UAE immigration authorities will provide a required stamp for their passport and update their systems. The cost for a 30-day, 90-day, and 180-day visa on arrival is free of cost.

It’s great to see the UAE government trying to boost its tourism industry by easing visa regulations. Visitors worldwide can now enjoy the country’s rich culture, stunning landscapes, and diverse attractions with greater ease.

UAE Visa on Arrival for 90 days:

The UAE government provides the following nations 90-day visa on arrival

• Austria

• Argentina

• Barbados

• Brazil

• Belarus

• Belgium

• Bulgaria

• Colombia

• Cyprus

• Costa Rica

• Croatia

• Czech Republic

• El Salvador

• Finland

• Georgia

• Denmark

• Estonia

• France

• Germany

• Georgia

• Italy 

• Greece

• Hong Kong

• Honduras

• Iceland

• Hungary

• Israel

• Kiribati

• Latvia

• Liechtenstein

• Luxembourg

• Lithuania

• Maldives

• Montenegro

• Netherlands

• Poland

• Peru

• Paraguay 

• Russian Federation

• Serbia

• Slovakia

• Romania

• Seychelles

• Solomon Islands

• Spain

• Switzerland

• Ukraine

• Vatican City

• South Korea

• Uruguay


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