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Government Hajj Scheme Balloting 2024: Five Keys to Success

According to the Ministry of Religious Affairs Pakistan, 179, 210 people will avail the opportunity of Hajj in 2020. Out of this, 60% quota is specified for the Government Hajj Scheme Balloting, which becomes 107,526. According to the statistics of previous years, about 3 applications were received for a single seat.

Availing of this holy and beloved Hajj opportunity in such a competitive environment is not an easy task. The people wait for years, even for their whole life for this pilgrimage. After waiting for such a long time and expending money after long time savings, if they donā€™t get a chance, it saddens them. No doubt, it is a matter of luck and destiny, but if we try some wise tricks before applying for Government Hajj Scheme, then chances may be increased. Here, some tips are coming, which will increase your chances of success in Government Hajj Scheme Balloting.

Keys to Success in Government Hajj Scheme Balloting

1. Senior Citizensā€™ Group

Almost 10,000 reserve seats are specific for senior citizens of Pakistan. Senior citizen age limit starts from 70 years. There are two conditions:

  • Mehram
  • Helper

You should be Mehram, if not then become a helper of the senior citizens in the journey of Hajj. Males for males and females for females, through this type of helping couples more chances are there.

2. Low Paid Employees Quota

In Government Hajj Scheme, 500 seats are reserved for low-paid employees or laborers of the following sectors:

  • Public sector
  • Different corporate organizations
  • Registered companies with EOBI or Workers Welfare Fund

3. Hardship Cases

Out of the total Government Hajj Scheme Quota, 1.5% is allocated for hardship cases. These include the following:

  • Broken family
  • Newly born infants
  • Senior citizensā€™ helpers
  • Special personsā€™ helpers

Here, the Ministry of Religious Affairs uses a merit system for serving, you can use this way for high success in the balloting.

4. Overseas Pakistanis

1,000 seats are reserved for overseas Pakistanis. If you are an overseas Pakistani, then apply through this for increasing your chances of success in Government Hajj Scheme Balloting.

5. Unsuccessful applicants in balloting (Last 3 consecutive years)

It is specific for all those applicants who have been unsuccessful in Government Hajj Scheme Balloting for the last 3 consecutive years. For example, if the applicants were unsuccessful in the balloting of 2017, 2018, and 2019, also they didnā€™t perform Hajj under Government or Private Scheme then will be declared successful.

These were some keys or tips to success in Government Hajj Scheme Balloting, try these and increase the chances of performing Hajj in 2020.


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