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Hajj Balloting 2020 | Hajj Qurandazi 2020 | Hajj Draw Result 2020 in Pakistan

Hajj Balloting 2020, Hajj Qurandazi 2020 and Hajj Draw Result 2020 in Pakistan

If you or anyone from your friends & family is waiting for Hajj Balloting 2020, then here is the complete guide, way and result source for it. As we know the last date of Hajj application 2020 was 8th March, which takes some months for results. Ministry announces results through computerized balloting. So, if anyone of you is waiting for balloting results of Hajj Qurandazi 2020, then follow the given details.

Necessary Documents for Hajj Balloting 2020

After submission of Hajj application 2020, main and important things which should be kept in hand or record are as:

  1. ID Card Number
  2. Hajj Application 2020 Number

Through such types of necessary documents you can get your Hajj Draw Result 2020 online from official website (Source arrives below).

Way to Find Hajj Qurandazi 2020 Results

It is simple and easy, same as we find examination results from different websites. Two columns or empty spaces are available at the official website of Ministry for Religious Affairs Pakistan for knowing about the Hajj Draw Result 2020. The first column is via ID card or CNIC number searching, and the other is via Hajj Application number searching.

Official Source for Hajj Draw Result 2020

The only and authentic source of Hajj Draw Result 2020 is the official website of Ministry of Religious Affairs in Pakistan. From here (, anyone can get latest Hajj Qurandazi 2020 results by the use of Hajj application number or CNIC number. The details of successful or unsuccessful applicants will appear instantly.

Results arrives at the given official website by the Government of Pakistan and the Ministry of Religious Affairs. So, don’t believe upon any fake or edited news about the Hajj Balloting 2020, just visit and search by yourself. If your name shortlists then get ready and prepare yourself for this holy journey. The very next step is preparation and training for Hajj after Hajj Qurandazi 2020. Get it from government authorized centers or any famous religious place.

Note: Last date of Hajj Balloting or Results 2020 is 12th March (Source: Ministry of Hajj & Religious Affairs).


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